Realms of Gold: A Catalogue of Maps in the Library of the American Philosophical Society
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Part 5. - United States (Southern, Central, and Western States), South America, and Oceans

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Realms of Gold overview

To accompany the digitization of Murphy Smith's Realms of Gold: A Catalogue of Maps in the Library of the American Philosophical Society, the APS selected and scanned more than 100 maps from its collections. These maps were converted to JPEG2000 format, an emerging compression standard, to accomodate their large sizes. Each thumbnail included in this guide links to its corresponding JPEG2000 version.

The complete guide to holdings is divided into four sections. To view these inventories, use the following links:

Scope and content
The printed maps are arranged geographically. To accomodate slower connection speeds, the inventory of digitized maps is presented in multiple pages that contain thumbnails linking directly to JPEG2000 images.

The printed maps are arranged in the order in which they were catalogued, which for the most part follows the Dewey Decimal area classification system. Within a given area or country they are arranged chronologically. "Wheat numbers" are given for maps cited in James Clement Wheat and Christian F. Brun's Maps and charts published in America before 1800. A bibliography. The printed maps are described as follows as the information warrants:
  • Date (date of reproduction is used for facsimiles)
  • Title or description (supplied titles are bracketed)
  • Number of pieces (if more than one)
  • Scale
  • Cartographer(s)
  • Engraver(s)
  • Size (neat line, plate impression, or size of paper; unless otherwise noted, measurements are taken from neat lines)
  • Inset(s)
  • Coloring
  • Provenance
  • Note (cross-references, bibliographical references, etc.)
  • Wheat number
  • Call number

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Detailed inventory

Southern States

1089. The seat of war of the revolution in the southern states; shewing the principal movements of the hostile armies. Philadelphia: [1822].
Cartographer: H. S. Tanner.
Engraver: H. S. Tanner.
[1822]. Scale: 1 in. = 30 mi. Size: 45 x 38.4 cm. Colored.. (650: [1822]: T158swr Small)

See: William Johnson, Sketches of the life and correspondence of Major General Greene. Charleston: Miller:1822.

Great Lakes Area

1295. Chart of the lights on the lake coast of the United States. Published by the order and under the direction of the U.S. Light House Board. Prepared at the office of the survey of the northern and north western lakes under the supervision of Capt. Geo. G. Meade. N.p.: 1861.
Cartographer: Geo. G. Meade.
1861. 5 pieces. Scale: 1:600,000. Sizes: Various. Colored. (670: 1861: Un48Lhb Large)


1321. A plan of the several villages in the Illinois country, with part of the River Mississippi &c. By Thos. Hutchins. [London: J. Almon: 1778].
Cartographer: Thomas Hutchins.
[1778]. Scale: 1 in. = 10 mi. Size: 18.1 x 12.9 cm. (674: [1778]: H973vmr Small)

See: A topographical description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina, by Thos. Hutchins. London: J. Almon: 1778.

Mississippi River

1330. Map of the Mississippi River from its source to the mouth of the Missouri: laid down from the notes of Lieut. Z. M. Pike, by Anthony Nav. Reduced, and corrected by the astronomical observations of Mr. Thompson at its source: and of Capt. M. Lewis, where it receives the waters of the Missouri. [1807].
Cartographer: Anthony Nav, Z. M. Pike, Mr. Thompson, and M. Lewis.
Engraver: Francis Shallus.
[1807]. Scale: 1 in. = 25 mi. Size: 23.5 x 77.5 cm. (633: [1807]: K584mrm Large)

See: Zebulon M. Pike's Account of a voyage up the Mississippi River. Washington: 1807, and Account of expeditions to the source of the Mississippi. Philadelphia: 1810.

Provenance: Presented by Thomas Jefferson, 1807.

Central States

1374. Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississippi dressée sur un grand nombre de mémoires, entrau tres [sic] sur ceux de M. de le Maire, par Guillaume de l'lsle de l'Académie R[oya]le des Sciences. [Paris?: ca. 1720].
Cartographer: Guillaume de l'lsle.
[ca. 1720]. Size: 35.5m x 41.2 cm. Colored. (636: [ca. 1720]: D372Lt Small)

Provenance: Presented by Peter S. Du Ponceau, 15 January 1841.


1385. Ground plan [of the] Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri. Worlds Fair. 1904. Issued by Brown Brothers & Company: New York, Philadelphia and Boston: Brown, Shipley & Company: London. Brooklyn: 1904.
1904. Scale: 4 cm. = 1,000 ft. Size: 27.9 x 45.1 cm. Colored. (679: 1904: H993Lou Small)

South America


1575. The Strait of Magalhaens, commonly called Magellan. Surveyed by the officers of His Majesty's Ships, Adventure and Beagle. Under the direction of Captains Phillip Parker King, F.R.S., Pringle Stokes & Robert Fitz Roy. 1826-34. London: Henry Colburn: 1839.
Cartographer: Phillip Parker King, Pringle Stokes, and Robert Fitz Roy.
Engraver: J. Gardner.
1839. Size: 31.4 x 46.9 cm. (782.669: 1839: K588abe Small)

Removed from Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle. . . London: 1839.

1577. Chiloe and parts of the adjacent coasts from H.M.S. Beagle. 1835. London: Henry Colburn: 1839.
Engraver: J. & C. Walker.
1839. Size: 46.6 x 31.8 cm. (782: 1839: C435bea Small)

Removed from Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle . . . London: 1839.

Oceans - World

Pacific Ocean

1618. Maury's wind and current chart. Whale sheet No. 2. Series F. U.S. Hydrographical Office. N.p.: n.d.
Cartographer: M. F. Maury.
n.d. Size: 59.8 x 90.6 cm. Colored. (900: n.d.: M444wcc Small)

Contains part of the book plate of J. Peter Lesley.


1619. Carte de la Polynesie ou la cinquième partie de la terre [title also in Swedish]. Par Daniel Djurberg. Stockholm: 1780.
Cartographer: Daniel Djurberg.
1780. Size: 47.5 x 71.8 cm. Colored. (940: 1780: D642ppt Large)

Inset: Easter and S. Daniel Islands.
Shows tracks of Captain Cook, de Surville, Tasman, Roggewin, Wallis, Bougainville, Biron, Mendonna, Mendarina, La Maire, and Carteret.

Atlantic Ocean

1622. Remarques sur la navigation de Terre-Neuve à New-York afin d'éviter les Courrants et les bas-fonds au sud de Nantuckett et du Banc de George. [Franklin's second chart of the Gulf Stream]. Paris: Le Rouge: [ca. 1785].
Cartographer: Benjamin Franklin.
[ca. 1785]. Size: 31.7 x 36.2 cm. (980: [ca. 1785]: F843sLn Small)

See: Franklin Bache, "Where is Franklin's first chart of the Gulf Stream?" American Philosophical Society, Proceedings, vol. 76, p. 731, 1936; and Benjamin Franklin, "A letter from Dr. Benjamin Franklin to Mr. Alphonsus Le Roy . . . August 1785," American Philosophical Society, Transactions, vol. 2. Philadelphia: 1786.

Indian Ocean

1634. Indischer Ocean. Commodore B. V. Wüllerstorf-Urbair, S. M. Fregatte Novara. 1857. [Vienna]: K.-K. Hof- u. Staats-Druckerei: [ca. 1860].
Cartographer: B. V. Wüllerstorf-Urbair.
[ca. 1860]. 7 maps. Scales: Various. Size of paper: Ca. 80 x 56.5 cm. (990: [ca. 1860]: W957fno Large)