Natural History and the New World
An Annotated Bibliography of Printed Materials
in the Library of the
American Philosophical Society
by Anita Guerrini

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1. [Anonymous]. Beschryvinge van eenige voorname kusten in Oost- en West-Indieën: als Zueriname, Nieuw-Nederland, Florida, van't Eyland Kuba, Brazil, Suratte, Madagascar, Batavia, Peru en Mexico. Van haar Gelegentheid, Art en Gewoonte dier Volkeren; hun Koophandel, Godsdienst, en zelzaame Voor-vallen. Leeuwarden: Meindert Injema, 1716. CH. Sabin 5046.

    Bound with Mocquet (#203) and Rochefort (#243). According to Sabin, the section on New Netherland (pp. 50-76) is taken from Edward Melton, Zee en land reisen door verscheide gewesten des werelds, Amsterdam, 1681, Sabin 47472. Melton's description in turn is from Donck and Montanus.

2. [Anonymous]. The great importance of Cape Breton, demonstrated and exemplified, by extracts from the best writers, French and English, who have treated of that colony.... London: John Brindley, sold by C. Corbett and M. Cooper, 1746. CD. Sabin 10730.

    Pamphlet, map. Not the same as Bollan (#32). A propaganda pamphlet urging that the British retain Cape Breton against the French. Includes a translation of Charlevoix's account with a folding map.

3. [Anonymous]. Historische und geographische Beschreibung von Neu-Schottland, darinnen von der Lage,Groesse, Beshaffenheit, Fruchtbarkeit und besondern Eigenschaften des Landes, wie auch von den Sitten und Gewohnheiten der Indianer, und von merckwuerdigsten Begebenheiten, so sich zwischen denen Cronen Frankreich und England seit deren Besitznehmung zugetregen hinlaengliche Nachricht ertheilet wird. Auf Befehl Seiner Grosbrittannischen Majestaet Georg II. und des Parlements in EnglischerSprache verfasset, nunmehro aber ins teusche uebersezet. Frankfurt and Leipzig: Heinrich Ludwig Bronner, 1750. CD. Sabin 56138.

    Translation of A Geographical History of Nova Scotia, London, 1749. In Sabin under Nova Scotia.

4. [Anonymous]. A New and Complete Dictionary of the Arts and Sciences; Comprehending all The Branches of Useful Knowledge, with Accurate Descriptions as well of the various Machines, Instruments, Tools, Figures, and Schemes necessary for illustrating them, As of The Classes, Kinds, Preparations, and Uses of Natural Productions, whether Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, Fossils, or Fluids; Together with The Kingdoms, Provinces, Cities, Towns, and other Remarkable Places throughout the World. Illustrated with above Three Hundred Copper-plates, curiously engraved by Mr. Jefferys, Geographer and Engraver to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The Whole extracted from the Best Authors in all Languages. By A Society of Gentlemen. London: W. Owen, 1754-55. Not in Sabin.

    4 vols., illustrated.

5. Achenwall, Gottfried (1719-1772). Herrn Hofrath Achenwals in Goettingen Anmerkungen ueber Nordamerika und ueber dasige Grosbritannische Colonien. Aus muendlichen Nachlichten des Herrn Dr. Franklins. Frankfurt and Leipzig: n.p., 1769. NA. Sabin 108.

    Achenwall, a statistician and historian, taught at the University of Göttingen.

6 Acosta, José de (1539-1600). Naturall and morall historie of the East and West Indies, entreating of the remarkeable things of heaven, of the elements, mettalls, plants and beasts which are proper to that country: together with the manners, ceremonies, lawes, governements and warres of the Indians, Written in Spanish by Joseph Acosta, and translated into English by E. G.s London: Val. Sims for Edward Blount and William Aspley, 1604. MA. Sabin 13 1.

    Originally published in Latin, Salamanca, 1589. Acosta was a Jesuit missionary in Peru from 1569-1588. The translator was Edward Grimestone.

7. Acosta, José de (1539-1600). Histoire natvrelle et morale des Indes, tant Orientales, qu'Occidentales; Où il est traicté des choses remarquables du Ciel, des Elemens, Metaux, Plantes, & Animaux qui sont propres de ce pays; ensemble des moeurs, cérémonies, loix, gouuernemens & guerres des mesme Indiens. Composee en Castillan par Ioseph Acosta, & traduicte en Francois par Robert Regnavld Cauxois. Dediee au Roy. Derniere edition, reveve, et corrigee du nouveau. Paris: Adrien Tiffaine, 1616. MA. Sabin 125 (original translation, 1598).

    Earlier French edition 1598; originally published in Latin, 1589. Seven French editions to 1621.

8. Acrelius, Israel (1714-1800). Beskrifning om de Swenska foersamlingars forna och naerwarande tilstaand, uti det saa Kallade Nya Swerige, sedan Nya Nederland, Meri nu foer tiden Pensylvanien, samt naestliggande orter wid alfven De La Ware, Waest-Yersey och New-Castle County, uti Norra America; utigifven af Israel Acrelius. Stockholm: Harberg and Hesseberg, 1759. MC. Sabin 133.

    Translated by W.M. Reynolds in Mem. Hist. Soc. Penna., 11(1874): 17-468. Acrelius was a Lutheran pastor in Christiana (now Wilmington, Del.) from 1749 to 1756. "His book is the chief literary monument of the Swedes in Delaware" (DAB).

9. Alleon-Dulac, Jean-Louis (d. 1768). Mélanges d'histoire naturelle. Lyon: Benoit Duplain, 1765. Not in Sabin.

    First published 1762. 6 vols., 12 plates. Alleon-Dulac was a village postmaster in the Lyonnais and an amateur naturalist.

10. Alston, Charles (1683-1760). Tirocinium botanicum Edinburgense. Edinburgh: W. Sands, A. Murray and J. Cochran for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour, 1753. Not in Sabin.

    Originally published 1740. Alston was professor of botany and materia medica at the University of Edinburgh. Part III of this work is an index of plants in the Edinburgh botanical garden, which includes many American plants.

11. Alston, Charles (1683-1760). Lectures on the Materia medica: containing the Natural History of Drugs. London: Edward and Charles Dilly; Edinburgh: A. Kincaid and J. Bell, 1770. Not in Sabin.

    2 vols. Prepared by John Hope, Alston's successor at Edinburgh, from Alston's ms. Smallwood has noted Alston's influence on American naturalists who studied in Edinburgh.

12. [Anson, George?] (1697-1762). A Voyage to the South-Seas, and to many other Parts of the World performed From the Month of September in the Year 1740, to June 1744, By Commodore Anson, In His Majesty's Ship the Centurion, Having Under his Commend The Gloucester, Pearl, Severn, Wager, Trial, and two Store-Ships. By an Officer of the Fleet. London: J. Plumb, 1744. SA

    Illustrated. Possibly the same as Sabin 1632. An account of Anson's famous voyage around the world in 1740-44; published in numbers. Illustrated with crude woodcuts.

13. Apianus, Petrus (1495-1552). Cosmographicus liber Petri Apiani mathematici studiose collectus. [colophon: Landshut: Johann Weyssenburger, for P. Apianus, 1524]. NA. SA. Sabin 1738.

    First edition, maps. Ch. 4, "De America."

14. Apianus, Petrus (1495-1552). Petri Apiani Cosmographia, per Gemmam Phrysium, apud Louanienses Medicum ac Mathematicum insignem, restituta. Additis de adem re ipsius Gemmae Phry. libellis, vt sequens pagina docet. Antwerp: Arnout Berckmann [colophon: printed by Aegidius Coppenius], 1539. NA. SA. Sabin 1744.

    Maps. "De America," pt. 2, ch. 4. Edited, with additions, by Gemma Frisius; his additions first appear in the second edition of 1529.

15. Apianus, Petrus (1495-1552). Cosmographia Petri Apiani, per gemmam Frisium apud Louanienses Medicum & Mathematicum insignem, iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locis aucta, figurisque nouis illustrata: Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemmae Frisii. Paris: Veuve Gautherot, 1553 [colophon: Parisiis Impressum expensis Viuantii Gaultherot Anno domini 1551]. NA. SA. not in Sabin.

    Another edition of #14; noted in Sabin under #1749.

16. Barrelier, Jacques (1606-1673). Plantae per Galliam, Hidiviam et Italiam observatae, iconibus Aeneis exhibitae A R.P. Jacobo Barreliero Parisino, In sacra Theologia Magistro, Generalium Praepositorum Ordinia FF. Praedicatorum Socio à Secretis, Alumno Provinciae sancti Ludovici, olimque Medico Parisiensi. Opus Posthumum, Accurante Antonio de Jussieu ... cui accessit ejusdem auctoris specimen de Insectis quibusdam marinis, Mollibus, Crustaceis & Testaceis. Paris: Etienne Ganeau, 1714. Not in Sabin. Hunt 432.

    Edited by Antoine de Jussieu. 334 plates, including many American plants. Barrelier was a physician and Dominican friar.

17. Bartram, John (1699-1777). Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matter worthy of Notice. Made by Mr. John Bartram, In his travels from Pensilvania To Onondago, Oswego and the Lake Ontario, In Canada. To which is annex'd, a Curious Account of the Cataracts at Niagara. By Mr. Peter Kalm, A Swedish Gentleman who travelled there. London: J. Whiston and B. White, 1751. MC. NY. CD. Sabin 3868.

    Map. First edition of the best-known work of America's first native-born botanist.

18. Bartram, John (1699-1777). Preface in Short, Medicina Britannica, 1751, #253 below.

    This is Bartram's first printed work, done at Franklin's request.

19. Bartram, John (1699-1777). Journal ... kept upon a journey from St. Augustine up the River St. John's. London: W. Nicoll and T. Jefferies, 1769.

    Appended to Stork, Description of East-Florida, 1769, #265 below.

20. Batman, [Stephen] (d. 1584), ed. Batman vppon Bartholome, his Booke De Proprietatibus Rerum, newly corrected, enlarged, and amended. London: Thomas East, 1582. Not in Sabin.

    Stephen Batman, an English Protestant divine, edited and updated the popular encyclopedic work of Bartholomaeus Anglicus, a thirteenth-century English Franciscan. Batman's biographical account of Bartolomaeus is largely erroneous. Includes a description of "Amazones" of America (pp. 214-215) from André Thévet's Singularitates Galliae Antarcticae sive Americae, 1557. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

21. Bauhin, Gaspard (1560-1624). Theatri botanici; sive Historiae Plantarum ex veterum et recentiorum placitis propriaqu. observatione concinnatae liber primus. Basel: Johann König, 1658. Not in Sabin.

    Edited by Jean Gaspard Bauhin. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

22. Bauhin, Gaspard (1560-1624). Πιναξ [Pinax] Theatri Botanici sive index in Theophrasti Diocoridis Plinii et botanicorum qui à seculo scripserunt opera plantarum circiter sex millivm ab ipsis exhibitarum nomina cum earundem Synonymijs &differentijs methodice secundem genera & species proponens. Opvs XL. annorvm summopere expetitum ad Autoris autographum recensitum. Basel: Johann König, 1671. Not in Sabin. Hunt 318-319.

    2 vols. Second edition, first published 1623. Bound with Prodromus, second edition (first published 1620). Arranged by natural affinities. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; interleaved with notes by William Forsyth.

23. [Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de] (1648-1734). A General History of all Voyages and Travels Throughout The Old and New World., From the First Ages to the Present Time. Illustrating Both the Ancient and Modern Geography... By M. du Perier of the Royal Academy. London: Edmund Curll and Egbert Sanger, 1708. Sabin 21331.

    Originally published in French, 1707. In Sabin under du Perier, but Bellegarde is identified as the author in later editions.

24. Bellin, Jacques-Nicolas (1703-1772), Description géographique des isles Antilles possédées par les Anglois. Scavoir La Jamaique, la Barbade, Antique, Montserrat, S. Christophle, Nieves, l'Anguille, et les Vierges, Isles Lucayes et Bermudes. Pour joindre aux Cartes de ces Isles qui ont eté dressées du depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine Pour le Service des Vaissaux du Roy. Par ordre de M. le Marquis de Massiac Lieutenant General des Armées Navales, Secretaire d'Etat aiant le Departement de la Marine. Paris: Didot, 1758. CH. Sabin 4553.

    Illus., Maps. Bellin is described as "ingenieur de la Marine ... il fut chargé de dresser ... les cartes de routes les côtes des mers connues" (NBU).

25. [Bernard, Jean-Frédéric] (d. 1752). Recueil de Voiages au Nord, Contenant divers Mémoires très-utiles au Commerce et à la navigation. Vol. 5. Amsterdam: Jean-Frédéric Bernard, 1720. Sabin 4936.

    Volume 5 of 12, published 1715-38. A collection of travel accounts, edited by Bernard. Items entered separately in this bibliography.

26. Bertius, Petrus (1565-1629). Description d'Amérique, ou du Nouveau Monde, tirée des Tableaux Géographiques.

    In Herrera (#140), Description des Indes occidentales, 1622, part V, pp. 229-254. Originally published in P. Bertij Tabularum Geographicarum contractarum Libri septem, Amsterdam, 1600, Sabin 5014.

27. Betagh, William. A Voyage round the World. Being an Account of a Remarkable Enterprize, begun In the Year 1719, chiefly to cruise on the Diviards in the great South Ocean. Relating the True historical Facts of that Whole Affair: Testifyd by many imployed therein; and confirmed by Authorities from the Owners. . London: T. Combes, J. Lacy, and J. Clarke, 1728. SA. WC. Sabin 5057.

    A critique of Commander George Shelvocke's account of his 1719-1722 circumnavigation, called by Sabin "the last of the buccaneering expeditions." Includes a description of the California coast.

28. [Beverley, Robert] (ca. 1673-1722). Histoire de la Virginie; contenant, 1. L'Histoire du premier Etablissement dans la Virginie, & de son Gouvernement jusques-à-présent. II. Les Productions naturelles & les Commodités du Pais, avant que les Anglois y négociassent, & l'améliorassent. III. La Religion, les Loix, & les Coutumes des Indiens Naturels, tant que dans la Guerre, que dans la Paix. IV. L'Etat present du Pais, tant à légard de la Police, que de l'Amélioration du Pais. Par un Auteur natif & habitant du Pais. Traduite de l'Anglois. Paris: Pierre Ribou, 1707. Imprimé à Orléans. VA. Sabin 5115.

    Illustrated. A French translation of Beverley's History of Virginia, London, 1705.

29. [Beverley, Robert] (ca. 1673-1722). Histoire de la Virginie.... Amsterdam: Claude Jordan, 1712. VA. Sabin 5117.

    Reprint of #28.

30. Blackwell, Elizabeth (ca. 1700-1758). A curious Herbal, containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants which are now used in the Practice of Physic. London:John Nourse, 1739 [i.e. 1737-39]. Not in Sabin. Hunt 510.

    2 vols., illustrated. Includes American plants in the Chelsea botanic garden. 500 colored plates, published in parts. The Hunt catalogue calls it "a noble monument to a pioneering lady botanist"; Blackwell drew it to rescue her husband from debtors' prison. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

31. Blount, Thomas Pope (1649-1693). A Natural History: containing many not common observations: Extracted out of the best modern writers. London: R. Bentley, 1693. Sabin 5999 (original edition).

    First published 1692 as Essays on Several Subjects. A compilation from various sources.

32. [Bollan, William] (d. 1776). The Importance and Advantage of Cape Breton, Truly Stated, and Impartially Considered. With Proper Maps. London: John and Paul Knapton, 1746. CD. Sabin 6215.

    Maps. Descriptive portion from Charlevoix. Cf. Great Importance of Cape Breton, (anon.), #2 above.

33. Boturini Benaduci, Lorenzo(1702-1751). Idea de una nueva historia general de la America Septentrional. Fundada sobre material copioso de figuras, Symbolos, Caractères, y Geroglificos, cantares, y Manuscritos de Autores Indios, ultimamente descubiertos. Madrid: Juan de Zuniga, 1746. MA. Sabin 6834.

    Bound with #34.

34. Boturini Benaduci, Lorenzo(1702-1751). Catalogo del nuevo historico indiano del mismo autor. Madrid: Juan de Zuñiga, 1746. MA. Sabin 6833.

    Bound with #33. A catalogue of the author's cabinet of Central American Indian artifacts, collected during a sojourn of several years in Mexico.

35. Boyle, Robert (1627-1691). General Heads for the Natural History of a Country, Great or Small; Drawn out for the Use of Travellers and Navigators. To which is added, other directions for navigators etc. with Particular Observations of the Most Noted Countries in the World, by another hand. London: John Taylor and S. Holford, 1692. Sabin 7139.

    Guidelines for travelers. See Introduction, above. Ch. 8: Virginia.

36. Bradley, Richard (1688-1732). A General Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening. London: T. Woodward and J. Peele, 1724. Not in Sabin. Hunt 459.

    3 vols., illustrated. Issued in parts, 1723-4. Bradley was named professor of botany at Cambridge in 1724, where his ignorance of Latin and Greek created a scandal. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

37. Bradley, Richard (1688-1732). A General treatise of Husbandry and Gardening. London: T. Woodward and J. Peele, 1726. Not in Sabin. Hunt 459.

    Second edition of #36. 2 vols. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

38. Bradley, Richard (1688-1732). Dictionarium Botanicum: or, A Botanical Dictionary for theUse of the Curious in Husbandry and Gardening. London: T. Woodward and J. Peele, 1728. Not in Sabin.

    2 vols. Includes detailed description of several American plants.

39. Bradley, Richard (1688-1732). A GeneralTreatise of Agriculture, both Philosophical and Practical: originally written by R. Bradley. London: W. Johnston et al., 1757. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated. Bradley's letters and short works, including notes on the acclimatization of exotics. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

40. Breyne, Jakob (1637-1697). Exoticarum aliarumque Minus Cognitarum Plantarum Centuria Prima, cum Figvris Aeneis Svmmo studio elaboratis.. Danzig [Gdansk]: David-Fridericus Rhetius, 1678. Not in Sabin. Hunt 352.

    Includes Willem ten Rhijne, "Excerpta ex observationibus suis japonicis physicis et ceteris de fructice thee," pp. vii-xxv at end. Illustrated. Breyne was a German botanist.

41. Brickell, John (1710?-l 745). The Natural History of North-Carolina. With an account of the Trades, Manners, and Customs of the Christian and Indian Inhabitants. Illustrated with Copper-Plates, whereon are curiously Engraved the Map of the Country, several Strange Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Snakes, Insects, Trees and Plants, etc.. Dublin: printed by James Carson for the Author, 1737. SE. Sabin 7800.

    Illus, map. First edition. Largely plagiarized from Lawson's History of Carolina, 1709, # 172 below; Percy Adams found "6/7" of the book was plagiarized.

42. Brisson, [Mathurin-Jacques] (1723-1806). Regnum Animale in classes IX distributum /Le Règne animal divisé en IX classes. Paris: Cl. Jean-Baptiste Bauche, 1756. Not in Sabin.

    Text in French and Latin in parallel columns. Illustrated. Dedicated to Réaumur; Brisson was a demonstrator at Réaumur's cabinet.

43. Bry, Theodor de (1528-1598). Zehender Theil der Orientalischen Indien begreiffendt eine kurtze Beschreibung der neuwen Schiffart gegen Nordt Osten, voer die Amerische Inseln in Chinam und Iapponiam, von einem Engellaender Henrich Hudson newlich erfunden, beneben kurtzer Andeutung der Inseln und Oerter, so auff derselben Reyse von den Hollaendern hiebevor entdeckt worden auss J.H. von Lintschotten Reise enzogen.... Frankfurt am Main: Matthias Becker, 1613.

    Part 10 of India Orientalis, edited by Johann-Theodor de Bry (1561-1620). 3 plates, 3 maps.

44. [Burke, Edmund] (1729-1797). An account of the European settlements in America. In six parts. London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1758. NA. SA. Sabin 9282.

    Maps. Second edition, "with improvements." First published 1757. 2 vols. Written by Burke with assistance from his brother, Richard, and William Bourke.

45. [Burke, Edmund] (1729-1797). Histoire des colonies européennes dans l'Amérique, en six parties. Traduite de l'anglois de M. William Burck par M. E. Paris: Merlin, 1767. NA. SA. Sabin 9284.

Translation by Marc-Antoine Eidous of #44 above. 2 vols., maps.

46. [Butel-Dumont, Georges-Marie] (1725-1800?). Description Abrégée des Possessions Angloises et Françoises du Continent Septentrional de l'Amérique Telles qu'elles ont été l'Année 1755. Ouvrage instructif & servant d'explication au tems présent. N.p., 1759. NA. Not in Sabin.

    Originally published in 1755, this pamphlet was reissued in the midst of the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years' War). Butel-Dumont also wrote Mémoires historiques sur la Louisiane (1753) and other works.

47. Campanius Holm, Tomas (d. 1702). Kort Beskrifning Om Provincien Nya Swerige uti America, Som nu foertjden af the Engelske Kallas Pensylvania. Aflaerde och trowaerdige Maens skriften och beraetelser ihopalatad och sammanskrefwen, samt med aethskillige Figurer. Stockholm: Wankijfs, 1702. MC. Sabin 10202.

    Translated by Peter DuPonceau in Mem. Penna. Hist. Soc., 3 (1834): 13-166. Tomas Campanius was a grandson of John Campanius (1601-83), a Swedish Lutheran missionary. The latter's account of his voyages from Sweden to Delaware is in his grandson's work.

48. Casas, Bartolomeo de las (1474-1566). . Istoria, ò breuissima relatione Della Distrvttione dell'Indie Occidentali di Monsig. Reverendiss. Don Bartolomeo dalle Case .... Tradotto in Italiano dell'Excell. Sig. Giacomo Castellani già sotto nome di Francesco Bersabita. Venice: Marco Ginammi, 1630. MA. Sabin 11243.

    Translated by Giacomo Castellani. Double columns, Italian and Spanish. First published as Breuissima relaci=n de la destruyci=n de las Indias, Seville, 1552. Bound with #49 below. Casas was one of the best known of the early commentators on the Spanish empire in Mexico, and one of the few to protest Spanish treatment of the native population.

49. Casas, Bartolomeo de las (1474-1566). Il svpplice Schiauo Indiano. Venice: Marco Ginammi, 1636. MA. Sabin 12246.

    Bound with #48.

50. Casas, Bartolomeo de las (1474-1566). La découverte des Indes Occidentales, par les Espagnols. Paris: André Pralard, 1697. MA. Sabin 11273.

    A translation of four of Casas' tracts by the Abbé de Bellegarde, "softened in some of the cruel parts, which might have given pain to delicate persons" (Sabin). Cf. #23 above.

51. Catesby, Mark (1682-1749). The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands: Containing the Figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects and Plants: Particularly the Forest-Trees, Shrubs, and other Plants, not hitherto described, or very incorrectly figured by former Authors. Together with their Descriptions in English and French .... London: C. Marsh, T. Wilcox, and B. Stichall, 1754. SE. CH. Sabin 11508. Cf. Hunt 486.

    Edited by George Edwards. 2 vols., color plates. French and English. First published 1730-43. "The most famous color-plate book of American plants and animal life" (Hunt). From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

51a. Catesby, Mark (1682-1749). The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands... To the whole is now added a Linnaean Index of the Animals and Plants. London: Benjamin White, 1771. Sabin 11509

    2 vols. A reprint of #51, with the addition of an index arranged according to Linnaeus's classification.

52. Catesby, Mark (1682-1749). Hortus Europae Americanus: or, a Collection of 85 Curious Trees and Shrubs, the Produce of North America; adapted to the Climates and Soils of Great Britain, Ireland, and most Parts of Europe.. London: J. Millan, 1767. NA. Sabin 11507.

    First edition of this title; according to Sabin, this is the same as the author's Hortus Britanno-Americanus, 1763, with a new title page. See Hunt 578. Elephant folio with 63 figures on 17 plates, derived from Catesby's History of Carolina.

53. Chabert, Joseph Bernard, marquis de (1724-1805). Voyage fait par ordre du Roi en 1750 et 1751, dans l'Amérique Septentrionale, Pour rectifier les Cartes des Côtes de l'Acadie, de l'Isle Royale & de l'Isle de Terre-Neuve; et pour en fixer les principaux points par les Observations Astronomiques. Paris: Imprimerie Royale, 1753. CD. Sabin 11723.

    Illus, maps. First edition. From the library of Benjamin Franklin.

54. Champlain, Samuel de (1567-1635). Les Voyages de la Novvelle France Occidentale, dicte Canada, faits par le Sr de Champlain Xainctongeois, Capitaine pour le Roy en la Marine du Ponant, & toutes les Descouuertes qu'il a faites en ce pais depuis l'an 1603. iusques en l'an 1629... Paris: Claude Collet, 1632. CD. Sabin 11839.

    Map. "The best edition" of Champlain's account of his explorations. (Sabin). Earlier editions 1613, 1619; includes map of the St. Lawrence and its sources.

55. [Chanvalon, Jean-Baptiste Thibault de] (ca. 1725-1786). Voyage à la Martinique, contenant diverses observations sur la Physique, l'Histoire Naturelle, l'Agriculture, les Moeurs, &les Usages de cette Isle, faites en 1751 et dans les années suivantes. Lu a l'Académie Royale des Sciences de Paris en 1761. Paris: Cl. J.-B. Bauche, 1763. CH. Sabin 11936.

    Chanvalon performed a statistical survey of Martinique in 1751-57. This work includes observations on meteorology, topography, and customs. A chart of meteorological observations from 1751 is included at the end.

56. Charlevoix, Pierre-François Xavier de (1682-1761). Histoire de l'Isle Espagnole ou de S. Domingue, Ecrite particulierement sur des Memoires Manuscrits du P. Jean-Baptiste le Pers, Jesuite, Missionaire à Saint Domingue, & sur les Pieces Originale, qui se conservent au Dépot de la Marine. Amsterdam: François L'Honoré, 1733. CH. Sabin 12128.

    From ms. of Jean-Baptiste Le Pers (1675-1735). 4 vols., maps. A reprint (in smaller format) of the Paris edition of 1730-31. A Jesuit, Charlevoix was one of the most prolific and judicious writers on the American colonies in the eighteenth century.

57. Charlevoix, Pierre-François Xavier de (1682-1761). Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle France, avec le Journal Historique d'un Voyage fait par ordre du Roi dans l'Amérique Septentrionnale. Paris: Rollin fils, 1744. CD. Sabin 12136.

    6 vols., plates, maps. Charlevoix's best-known work. He left for Canada in 1720. Sabin has various publishers.

58. Charlevoix, Pierre-François Xavier de (1682-1761). Journal of a Voyage to North-America. Undertaken by Order of the French King. Containing the Geographical Description and Natural History of that Country, particularly Canada. Together with An Account of the Customs, Characters, Religion, Manners and Traditions of the Original Inhabitants. Ina Series of Letters to the Duchess of Lesdiguieres. London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1761. CD. Sabin 12139.

    2 vols.; translation of vol. 3 of #57 above. Map.

59. Charlevoix, Pierre-François Xavier de (1682-1761). Letters to the Dutchess of Lesdiguières; giving an account of a voyage to Canada and travels through that vast country, and Louisiana, to the Gulf of Mexico.... London: R. Goadby and R. Baldwin, 1763. CD. LA. Sabin 12140.

    Another edition of #58; possibly a new translation.

60. Charlevoix, Pierre-François Xavier de (1682-1761). The History of Paraguay. Containing, Amongst many other New, Curious, and Interesting Particulars of that Country, a Full and Authentic Account of the Establishments formed there by the Jesuits, from among the Savage Natives, In the very Centre of Barbarism; Establishments allowed to have realized the Sublime Ideas of Fenelon, Sir Thomas More, and Plato. London: Lockyer Davis, 1769. SA. Sabin 12133.

    2 vols.; abridged translation of his Histoire du Paraguay, 1756.

61. Churchill, Awnsham (d. 1728) and John, comps. A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Some now first Printed from Original Manuscripts. Other Translated out of Foreign Languages, and now first Publish'd in English. To which are Added some Few that have formerly appear'd in English, but do now for their Excellency and Scarceness deserve to be reprinted. London: A. and J. Churchill, 1704. Sabin 13015.

    4 vols., illustrated, maps. Folio.

62. [Clarke, William] (fl. 1755). Observations On the late and present Conduct of the French, with Regard to their Encroachments upon the British Colonies in North America. Together With Remarks on the Importance of these Colonies to Great-Britain. To which is added, wrote by another Hand; Observations concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, &c. Boston: S. Kneeland, 1755. CD. NA. Sabin 13470.

    Dedication signed William Clarke. Two pamphlets.

63. Clayton, John (1657-1725). [An account of Mr. John Clayton's voyage to and observations on Virginia].

    In Halley, ed., Miscellanea Curiosa, 1708, vol. 3, pp. 281-355, #127 below.

64. Clayton, John (1694-1774). Flora Virginica. See Gronovius, Flora Virginica, #127 and #129 below.

65. [Clerke, Charles] (1741-1779).A Voyage round the World, in His Majesty's Ship The Dolphin, Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron. In which is contained, A faithful Account of the several Places, People, Plants, Animals, &c. seen on the Voyage: And, among other particulars, A minute and exact Description of the Straits of Magellan, and of the Gigantic People called Patagonians. Together with an accurate Account of Seven Islands lately discovered in the South Seas. By an Officer on Board the said Ship. London: J. Newbery and F. Newbery, 1767. SA. Sabin 9732.

    Illustrated. A second edition appeared in the same year. Under Byron in Sabin. Byron's voyage was in 1764-66.

66. Cluever, Philipp (1580-1622). Introductio in universam geographiam tam veterem quam novam. London: M. Jenour for John Nicholson, 1711. Sabin 13805.

    First published in Leiden, 1624. Maps by Johannes Bunonius. America: pp. 414-419; California, p. 420, is described as "arido, sterili atque deserto."

67. Cockburn, John (fl. 1730-35). A Journey over Land, from the Gulf of Honduras to the Great South-Sea. Performed by John Cockburn and five other Englishmen, viz. Thomas Rounce, Richard Banister, John Holland, Thomas Robinson, and John Ballman; who were taken by a Spanish Guard-Costa, in the John and Jane, Edward Burt Master, and set on Shoar at a Place called Porto-Cavalo, naked and wounded, as mentioned in several News-Papers of October, 1731. Containing, a Variety of extraordinary Distresses and Adventures, and some New and Useful Discoveries of the Inland of those almost unknown Parts of America: As also, An exact Account of the Manners, Customs, and Behaviour of the several Indians inhabiting a Tract of Land of 2400 Miles; particularly of their Dispositions towards the Diviards and English. To which is added, a curious Piece, written in the Reign of King James I. and never before printed, intitled, A Brief Discoverye of some Things best worth Noteinge in the Travels of Nicholas Withington, a Factor in the East-Indiase. London: C. Rivington, 1735. MA. Sabin 14095.

    Map. Cockburn's journey took place in 1730-31. The narrative of his capture by Spanish pirates was very popular; Sabin lists eight editions to 1831.

68. Colden, Cadwallader (1688-1776). The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, which are dependent on the Province of New- York in America, and are the Barrier between the English and French in that Part of the World... London: Lockyer Davis, J. Wren, and J. Ward, 1755. CD. Sabin 14275.

    2 vols., map. Third edition; first published 1727-47. Colden, a Scot, was a colonial governor of New York and also wrote scientific treatises.

69. Coles, William (1626-1662). Adam in Eden: or, Natures Paradise. The History of Plants, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers .... London: J. Streater for Nathaniel Brooke, 1657: Not in Sabin. Hunt 269.

    Coles, a herbarist, emphasized the somewhat outmoded doctrine of signatures in this work. Although he championed English over foreign plants in this herbal, he included several American plant remedies. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

70. Cooke, Edward (fl. 1708-1712). A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World, perform'd in the Years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711, by the Ships Duke and Dutchess of Bristol. Containg a Journal of all memorable Transactions during the said Voyage; the Winds, Currents, and Variation of the Compass; the taking of the Towns of Puna and Guayaquil, and several Prizes, one of which a rich Acapulco Ship. A Description of the American Coasts, from Tierra del Fuego in the South, to California in the North, (from the Coasting-Pilot, a Spanish Manuscript.) Wherein an Account is given of Mr. Alexander Selkirk, his Manner of living and taming some wild beasts during the four Years and four Months he liv'd upon the uninhabited Island of Juan Fernandes. London: H.M. for B. Lintot et al., 1712. MA. WC. Sabin 16303.

    2 vol., maps, illus. Cooke was the second captain under Woodes Rodgers' voyage between 1708-11. The account of Alexander Selkirk became the basis for Robinson Crusoe. Various voyages to California are described on pp. 432 ff.

71. Cornut, Jacques Philippe (1606-1651). Canadensivm plantarvm, aliarumque nondum editarum historia. Cui adiectum est ad calcem Enchiridion botanicum Parisiense, Continens Indicem Plantarum, quae in Pagis, Siluis, Pratis, & Montosis iuxta Parisios locis nascuntur. Paris: Simon Le Moyne, 1635. CD. Sabin 16809. Hunt 227.

    First edition of the first Canadian flora. Thirty American plants are described here for the first time; many of them were in the Paris botanical garden. Cornut or Cornuti never visited America.

72. Cortes, Hernando (1485-1547). Historia de la Nueva-España escrita por su esclarecido conquistador Hernan Cortes, aumentada con otros documentos, y notas, por el ilustrissimo Senor Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, Arzobispo de Mexico. Mexico [City]: Joseph Antonio de Hogal, 1770. MA. Sabin 16938.

    Illus., maps. Second, third and fourth letters of Cortes, edited by Francisco Antonio Lorenzano, archbishop of Mexico City.

73. Cowell, John (fl. 1700-1730). The Curious and Profitable Gardener... London: Weaver Bickerton and Richard Montagu, 1730. Sabin 17237. Hunt 482.

    Illus. Part II: "Curious directions for cultivating the choicest fruits of the East and West-Indies at a small expence." From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

74. Coxe, Daniel (1673-1739). A Description of the English province of Carolana. By the Diviards call'd Florida, and by the French, La Louisiane.... With a large and curious Preface, demonstrating the right of the English to that Country, and the unjust Manner of the French usurping of it.... [London]: Olive Payne, 1741. SE. Sabin 17281. Hunt 516.

    Map. Previous editions 1722, 1727.

75. da Costa, Emanuel Mendes (1717-1791) A Natural History of Fossils. London: L. Davis and C. Reymers, Printers to the Royal Society, 1757. Not in Sabin.

    Concerns rocks, not fossils. Only vol. I was published, "the author not finding or deserving encouragement" (DNB).

76. Dampier, William (1652-1715). A New Voyage round the World. Describing particularly, The Isthmus of America, several Coasts and Islands in the West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verde, the Passage by Tierra del Fuego, the South Sea Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico .... London: James Knapton, 1699. MA. Sabin 18374.

    Maps. Fourth edition, corrected; first published 1697. Considered vol. 1 of Dampier's Voyages. This copy is lacking one map. The ex-pirate Dampier was one of the best-known voyager-naturalists of his time.

77. Dampier, William (1652-1715). Voyages and descriptions. Vol. II. In Three Parts. London: James Knapton, 1700. MA. Sabin 18375.

    Maps. Second edition; includes index to first two volumes. Part II includes "Campeachy" and the Yucatan; Part III is a treatise on winds.

78. Dampier, William (1652-1715). A Voyage to New Holland, etc. in the year, 1699. London: James Knapton, 1703. SA. Sabin 18376.

    Illustrated, maps. Volume 3, part 1, of Dampier's Voyages. Part II published 1709. Includes description of Bahia and the Brazilian coast.

79. Delisle, Joseph-Nicholas (1688-1768). Explication de la Carte des nouvelles découvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud. Paris: Desaint et Saillant, 1752. NW. WC. Sabin 35253.

    Pamphlet, map. One of the earliest accounts of Bering's voyage; but Delisle's map, based on his belief in the existence of a northwest passage, is very inaccurate. The brother of the famous cartographer Guillaume Delisle, J.-N. Delisle lived in Russia for several years.

80. Derham, William, ed. (1657-1735). Philosophical letters between the late learned Mr. Ray and several of his ingenious correspondents, natives and foreigners. To which are added those of Francis Willughby Esq; The Whole consisting of many curious Discoveries and Improvements in the History of Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Plants, Fossiles, Fountains, &c. London: William and John Innys, 1718. Not in Sabin. Hunt 443.

    Includes correspondence between John Ray and Sloane on the West Indies, correspondence of Francis Willughby (1635-1672), and a catalogue of Ray's works. See #236-37 below.

81. Desportes, Jean-Baptiste Poupée (1704-1748). Histoire des Maladies de S. Domingue. Paris: Lejay, 1770. CH. Sabin 64730 (under Pouppé-Desportes; spelled incorrectly on title page).

    3 vols. Vol. 3: "Traité ou abrégé des plantes usuelles de Saint Domingue." According to Sabin, this volume is often lacking.

82. [DeVille, Nicolas] (fl.1719). Histoire des plantes de l'Europe et des plus usitées qui viennent d'Asie, d'Afrique, et d'Amérique. Divisée en deux tomes et rangée suivant l'ordre du Pinax de Gaspard Bauhin. Lyon: Nicolas de Ville, 1719. Not in Sabin.

    2 vols., illustrated. Attributed to Bauhin in the APS catalog, but the dedication is signed by de Ville.

83. Dezaillier d'Argenville, Antoine Joseph (1680-1765). L'histoire naturelle éclaircie dans deux de ses parties principales, la lithologie et la conchyliologie. Paris: de Bure l'ainé, 1742. Not in Sabin.

    American shells: pp. 169-70. Includes discussion of the meaning of natural history and a description of an ideal museum.

84. Dezaillier d'Argenville, Antoine Joseph (1680-1765). L'histoire naturelle éclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, l'oryctologie, qui traite des terres, des pierres, des métaux, des mineraux, et autres fossiles ... Par M. . Paris: de Bure l'âiné, 1755. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated. Repeats the common notion that there was no iron in North America.

85. Dickenson, Jonathan (fl. 1699). Ongelukkige Schipbreuk en Yslyke Reystogt, van etlyke Engelschen, in den Jaare 1696 van Jamaika in West-Indien, na Pensylvania t'scheep gegaan, en in de Golf van Florida gestrand, &c. Vertaald door W. Sewel. Leiden: Pieter van der Aa, [1707]. SE. Sabin 20017.

    First published in English, Philadelphia. 1699; translated by W. Sewel. Concerns a shipwreck in Florida. Publication date from Sabin, who lists seven editions up to 1811 and several translations.

86. Dillenius, Johann Jakob (1687-1747). Historia Muscorum: a General History of Land and Water, etc. Mosses and Corals, containing all the known species. London: J. Millan, 1768. Not in Sabin.

    First published 1741; this is another issue of the 85 plates, with abbreviated indices. Dillenius was the first Sherardian professor of botany at Oxford.

87. Dobbs, Arthur (1689-1765). An Account Of the Countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay in the north-west part of America: containing A Description of the Lakes and Rivers, the Nature of the Soil and Climates, and their Methods of Commerce, &c. Shewing the Benefit to be made by settling Colonies, and opening a Trade in these Parts; whereby the French will be deprived in a great Measure of their Traffick in Furs, and the Communication between Canada and Mississippi be cut off. With An Abstract of Captain Middleton's Journal, and Observations upon his Behaviour during his Voyage, and since his Return. ... The whole intended to shew the great Probability of a North-west Passage, so long desired; and which (if discovered) would be of the highest Advantage to these Kingdoms. London: J. Robinson, 1744. CD. Sabin 20404.

    Map by Joseph La France. Dobbs sponsored Christopher Middleton's 1741-2 voyage in search of a northwest passage, then quarreled with Middleton when he failed in his quest.

88. Dodoens, Rembert (1517-1585). Florvm, et Coronariarvm Odoratarvmque Nonnvllarum Herbarvm Historia. Antwerp: Christophe Plantin, 1569. Not in Sabin. Hunt 104.

    Second, revised edition; first published 1568. Woodcuts by P. van der Borscht. Dodoens was a Flemish botanist. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

89. Dodoens, Rembert (1517-1585). A Niewe Herball, Or Historie of Plantes ... London: Gerard Dewes [colophon: printed by Henry Loe, Antwerp], 1578. Not in Sabin. Hunt 132.

    First edition of this translation by Henry Lyte of Dodoens' Cruydeboeck (1554), based on the French translation by Charles L'Ecluse. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

90. Dodoens, Rembert (1517-1585). Stirpivm Historiae Pemptades Sex. Sive Libri XXX. Antwerp: Christophe Plantin, 1583. Not in Sabin. Hunt 143.

    Illustrated. First edition of Dodoens' "last and most comprehensive botanical work" (Hunt). Incorporates material from his earlier works. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

91. Dodoens, Rembert (1517-1585). Crvydt-boeck. Antwerp: Plantin-Moretus, 1644. Not in Sabin.

    Flemish translation of #90 by Franqoys van Ravelingen, including the revisions of L'Ecluse. 6 vols. in 3.

92. Douglass, William (1691-1752). A Summary, Historical and Political, Of the first Planting, progressive Improvements, and present State of the British Settlements in North-America. Boston: vol. 1: printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle, 1749; vol. 2: Boston: D. Fowle, 1753. NA. Sabin 20726.

    2 vols. Sabin has 1751 for vol. 2; according to him, this work originally appeared in numbers between 1747 and 1751. Douglass was a Boston physician, well known for his opposition to smallpox inoculation.

93. Doyle, William (fl. 1770). Some Account of the British Dominions beyond the Atlantic: containing chiefly What is most interesting and least known with respect to those parts; particularly, The important Question about the North-West Passage, Is satisfactorily discussed: with a large Map; in which The said supposed Passage, and all the Arctic Regions, are more fully delineated than ever before. London: printed for the author by J. Browne, sold by W. Domville et al., [1770]. NA. CD. Sabin 20799.

    Part 1 only; includes map.

94. Durante, Castore (1529-1590). Herbario Nvovo Di Castore Dvrante Medico Et Cittadino Romano. Oue son Figure, che rappresentano la viue Piante, che nascono in tutta Europa, & nell'Indie Orientali, & Occidentali, E versi Latini, che comprendono le facoltà de'semplici medicamenti ... Venice: I Giunti, 1636. Not in Sabin. Hunt 229.

    First published 1585. Descriptions of plants in the form of poems.

95. Eden, Richard (1521?-1576), ed. The Decades of the newe worlde of West India, Conteynyng the nauigations and conquestes of the Divyardes, with the particular description of the moste ryche and large landes and Ilandes lately founde in the west Ocean perteynyng to the inheritaunce of the kinges of Spayne. In the which the diligent reader may not only consyder what commoditie may hereby chaunce to the hole christian world in tyme to come, but also learne many secreates touchynge the lande, the sea, and the starres, very necessarie to be knowne to al such as shal attempe any nauigations, or otherwise haue delite to beholde the strange and woonderfull woorkes of God and nature. Wrytten in the Latine touge by Peter Martyr of Angleria, and translated into Englysshe by Rycharde Eden.. London: William Powell [colophon: printed by Richard Jug], 1555. MA. SA. Sabin 1561 (under Anghiera).

    Black letter; a translation by Eden of Peter Martyr's De orbe novo decades (first complete edition, 1530), supplemented with extracts from Oviedo, Pigafetta, and others, as well as his own research. The first presentation of these works in English.

96. Edwards, George (1694-1773). Histoire naturelle de divers oiseaux. London: for the Author, at the Royal College of Physicians, 1751. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated with colored plates. 4 vols. in 2. A French translation of Edwards' History of Birds, 1743-51. Includes quadrupeds and fish. Exotics in vols. 3-4.

97. Edwards, George (1694-1773). Gleanings of Natural History, exhibiting figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants, &c /Glanures d'histoire naturelle. London: for the Author at the Royal College of Physicians, 1758-64. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated. 3 parts in 2 vols.; French and English in double columns. Parts 1 and 2 translated into French by J. du Plessis, part 3 by E. Barker. 362 color copper engravings, drawn and engraved by Edwards. Several American specimens from John Fothergill. A continuation of Edwards' History of Birds.

98. Edwards, George (1694-1773). Essays upon Natural History and other miscellaneous subjects... To which is added, a catalogue, in generical order, of the Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Insects, Plants &c. Contained in Mr. Edwards' Natural History. London: J. Robson, 1770. Not in Sabin.

    Edwards' essays from the Philosophical Transactions.

99. Eliot, Jared (1685-1763). A Continuation of the Essay upon Field-Husbandry, As it is, or may be ordered in New-England. The Fourth Part. New York: J. Parker and W. Weyman, 1753. NE. Sabin 22136 (collected edition, 1760).

    Part 4 of 6, 1748-59. Discusses varieties of soil.

100. Ellis, Henry (1721-1806). A Voyage to Hudson's-Bay, by the Dobbs Galley and California, In the Years 1746 and 1747, For Discovering a North West Passage; with An accurate Survey of the Coast, and a short Natural History of the Country. Together with A fair View of the Facts and Arguments from which the future finding of such a Passage is rendered probable. By Henry Ellis, Gent. Agent for the Proprietors in the said Expedition. To which is prefixed, An Historical Account of the Attempts hitherto made for the finding a Passage that Way to the East-Indies. London: H. Whitridge, 1748. CD. Sabin 22312.

    Illustrated, map. The second voyage sponsored by Arthur Dobbs (see #87). When the northwest passage was not found, Dobbs finally dropped the subject. He later became colonial governor of North Carolina.

101. Ellis, John (1705-1776). Directions for bringing over Seeds and Plants, from the East-Indies and other Distant Countries, in a State of Vegetation: together with A Catalogue of such Foreign Plants as are worthy of being encouraged in our American Colonies, for the Purposes of Medicine, Agriculture, and Commerce. To which is added, The Figure and Botanical Description of a new Sensitive Plant, called Dionaea muscipula: or, Venus's Fly-Trap. London: L. Davis, 1770. Sabin 22319. Hunt 606.

    Ellis, an agent in West Florida and Dominica, was a fellow of the Royal Society and published several articles in the Philosophical Transactions. The descrption of the Venus fly-trap was first given in a letter Ellis sent to Linnaeus in 1769.

102. [Engel, Samuel] (1702-1784). Mémoires et Observations Géographiques et Critiques sur la situation des pays septentrionaux de l'Asie et de l'Amérique, d'après les relations les plus recentes. Auxquelles on a joint un Essai sur la route aux Indes par le Nord, & sur un Commerce très vaste & très riches à établir dans la mer du sud. Avec deux nouvelles cartes, dressés conformément à ce système. Par Mr. . Lausanne: Antoine Chapuis, 1765. WC. CD. Sabin 22571.

    Maps. Engel was a Swiss geographer and economist. Part 2: Western North America; part 3: possibility of a northwest passage. A compilation of earlier accounts.

103. Evans, Lewis (1700?-1756). A map of Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New-York, and the three Delaware counties. [Philadelphia]: published by Lewis Evans [printed by Benjamin Franklin?], 1749. MC. Not in Sabin.

    Engraved by L. Hebert; this copy inscribed by Franklin to John Mitchell. Includes legends about the origins of northeast storms, lightning and electricity, navigation of the Delaware and other bays, etc.

104. Evans, Lewis (1700?-1756). Geographical, Historical, Political, Philosophical, and Mechanical Essays. The First, Containing an Analysis Of a General Map of the Middle British Colonies in America; And of the Country of the Confederate Indians: A Description of the Face of the Country; The Boundaries of the Confederates; and the Maritime and Inland Navigations of the several Rivers and Lakes contained therein. Philadelphia: B. Franklin, and D. Hall, 1755. MC. Sabin 23175.

    First edition; map. Evans was a well-known colonial surveyor and cartographer.

105. Evans, Lewis (1700?-1756). Geographical, Historical, Political, Philosophical, and Mechanical Essays. The Second Edition. Philadelphia: B. Franklin, and D. Hall, 1755. MC. Sabin 23175.

    Second edition of # 104; two copies, one from Franklin's library.

106. Evelyn, John (1620-1706). Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees, and The Propagation of Timber in His Majesties Dominions, By J.E. Esq; As it was Deliver'd in the Royal Society the xvth of October [1662]. upon Occasion of certain Quaeries Propounded to that Illustrious Assembly, by the Honorable the Principal Officers, and Commissioners of the Navy. To which is annexed Pomona Or, An Appendix concerning Fruit-Trees in relation to Cider; The Making and several ways of Ordering it. Published by express Order of the Royal Society. Also Kalendarium Hortense; Or, Gard'ners Almanac; Directing what he is to do Monethly throughout the Year.. London: Jo[hn] Martyn and Ja[mes] Allestry, 1664. NE. Not in Sabin. Hunt 296.

    First edition. A few comments on New England, expanded in subsequent editions. The first book published by the Royal Society of London. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

107. Evelyn, John (1620-1706). Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees. London: J. Martyn, 1670. NE. Not in Sabin.

    Second edition of #106.

108. Evelyn, John (1620-1706). Silva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees. London: Robert Scott et al., 1706. NE. Not in Sabin.

    Fourth edition of # 106.

109. Fer, Nicolas de (1646-1720). Description des isles Antilles, N.p., n.d. CH. Not in Sabin.

    Broadside. Fer was a French geographer and engraver.

110. Feuillée, Louis Econches (1660-1732). Journal des Observations Physiques, Mathématiques, et Botaniques, Faites par l'order du Roy sur les Cotes Orientales de l'Amérique Méridionale, & dans les Indes Occidentales, depuis l'année 1707. jusques en 1712. Paris: vols. 1-2: Pierre Giffart, 1714; vol. 3: Jean Mariette, 1725. SA. Sabin 24224-5.

    3 vols., plates, maps. Volume 3 includes "un autre voiage ... a la nouvelle Espagne." Contains the first illustrations of ferns from Chile and Peru. Feuillée was a Minimite friar.

111. Frézier, [Amédée François] (1682-1773). Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud aux côtes du Chily et du Pirou, Fait pendant les années 1712, 1713, et 1714.... Paris: Jean-Geoffroy Nyon, Etienne Ganeau, Jacques Quillau, 1716. SA. Sabin 25924.

    Illus., maps. Frézier was "ingenieur ordinaire" to the king of France.

112. Frézier, [Amédée François] (1682-1773). A Voyage to the South-Sea, And along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, In the Years 1712, 1713, and 1714 Particularly describing The Genius and Constitution of the Inhabitants, as well Indians as Diviards: Their Customs and Manners; their Natural History, Mines, Commodities, Traffick with Evrope, &c.... With Postscript by Dr. Edmund Halley.... London: Jonah Bowyer, 1717. SA. Sabin 25926.

    Translation of #111, with the same illustrations. The postscript, in which Halley corrected some of Frézier's errors in geography, is damaged in this copy.

113. Frézier, [Amédée François] (1682-1773). Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud ... Avec une Réponse à la Preface critique Du Livre intitulé, Journal des Observations Physiques, Mathématiques et Botaniques du R. P. Fevillée, contre la Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud, & une Chronologie des Vicerois du Perou, depuis son établissement jusqu'au tems de la Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud. Paris: Nyon, Didot, Quillau, 1732. SA. Sabin 25925.

    A reprint of the 1716 edition (# 111) with a response to Feuillée (# 110) in a supplement.

114. Fuchs, Leonhard (1501-1566). De Historia Stirpium Commentarii Insignes, Maximis Impensis Et Vigiliis Elaborati.... Basel: Isengrim, 1542. Not in Sabin. Hunt 48.

    Illustrated. First edition of the first modern botanical glossary. Folio. Includes 40 plants never before illustrated, three of these American (maize and two squashes). Woodcuts by Fuellmaurer, Meyer and Speckle. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

115. Fuchs, Leonhard (1501-1566). De Historia Stirpium Commentarii Insignes.... Leiden: Balthazar Arnoullet, 1549. Not in Sabin. Hunt 61.

    First octavo edition of # 114, with woodcuts by Clement Boussy.

116. Fuchs, Leonhard (1501-1566). De Historia Stirpium Commentarii Insignes ... Leiden: Balthazar Arnoullet, 1551. Not in Sabin.

    Another edition of #115. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticulrural Society.

117. Gage, Tho[mas] (1603?-1656). A New Survey of the West-Indies. .... The Fourth Edition. London: M. Clark for J. Nicholson and T. Newhorough, 1699. MA. Sabin 26301.

    Map. Fourth edition; first published in 1648 as The English-American his Travail by Sea and Land. Gage was a Dominican friar between 1625-37. At a time when Englishmen were banned from the Spanish colonies, he smuggled himself onto a ship in a biscuit barrel in 1625 and remained in Central America for several years. His book provided the first description of much of Central America to non-Spanish speakers.

118. Gerard, John (1545-1612). The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. London: John Norton [colophon: Imprinted at London by Edm. Bollifant, for Bonham and John Norton], 1597. Not in Sabin. Hunt 175.

    Illus. First edition of this work, the best-known English herbal of its era. Much of it is taken from Dodoens, but Gerard, a botanist and surgeon, included his own comments and arranged it by Lobel's classification. It includes the first illustration of the potato. Two copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

119. Gerard, John (1545-1612). Catalogus Arborvm, Fruticvm Ac Plantarvm Tam Indigenarvm, Qvam Exoticarvm, in horto Johannes Gerardi Ciuis &chirurgi Londinensis nascentium. London: Arnold Hatfield, imp. John Norton, 1599. Not in Sabin. Hunt 177.

    Pamphlet. Second edition of Gerard's catalogue of his London garden. The first edition, 1596, is extremely rare; only one copy is known to exist. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

120. Gerard, John (1545-1612). The Herball Or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John Gerarde of London Master in Chirvrgerie Very much Enlarged and Amended by Thomas Johnson Citizen and Apothecarye of London. London: Adam Islip, Joice Norton and Richard Whitakers, 1633. Not in Sabin. Hunt 223.

    Illus. Johnson (1561-1644), apothecary and botanist, corrected many of Gerard's errors and replaced his illustrations with more accurate ones. Two copies. Copy 1 is incomplete; copy 2 is from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

121. Gerard, John (1545-1612). The Herball; or, Generall Historie of Plantes.... London: Adam Islip, Ioice Norton, Richard Whitakers, 1636. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. Third edition, the second edited by Johnson. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

122. Gesner, Konrad (1516-1565). Historiae Animalium liber primus. de Quadrupedibus uiuiparis. Opus Philosophis, Medicis, Grammaticis, Philologis, Poetis, et omnibus rerum linguarumque uariarum studiosis, utilissimum simul iucundissimumque futurum. Zurich: Christ. Froschower, 1551. Sabin 27227 (1585-1606 edition).

    Illus. First edition. One New World animal, the opossum ("simivulpe"), classified with monkeys. Hand-colored woodcuts.

123. Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb (1744-1774). Historia fucorum. St. Petersburg: Academy of Science, 1768. Not in Sabin.

    Seaweeds; 33 folding plates. Gmelin, scion of a noted German scientific family, lived in Russia from 1767 until his death.

124. Goedaert, Jan (1617-1668). Histoire naturelle des insectes, selon leurs Differentes Metamorphoses. The Hague: Adrien Moetjens, [1700]. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated, 3 vols.; vol 2, ch. XV includes "Des insectes de L'Amérique," by Johannes de Mey (1617-1678). Goedaert was one of the earliest entomologists.

125. Gosnold, Bartholomew (d. 1607). Relations des voyages à la Virginie en 1602 et 1603. Traduite de L'anglois. VA.

    In Bernard, ed., Recueil de voiages au nord, 1720, #25 above, pp. 382-408.

126. Great Britain. Parliament. An act for the preservation of white and other pine-trees growing in Her Majesties colonies of New-Hampshire, the Massachusets-Bay ... for the masting Her Majesties navy. London: Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills, 1711. NE. Not in Sabin.

    From the Parliament held 25 November 1710, pp. 387-88.

127. Gronovius, Johann Friedrich (1686-1762). Flora Virginica Exhibens Plantas quas V[ir] C[larissimus] Johannes Clayton In Virginia Observavit atque collegit. Easdem Methodo Sexuali disposuit, ad Genera propria retulit, Nominibus specificis insignivit, & minus cognitas descripsit Joh. Fred. Gronovius. Leiden: Cornelius Haak, 1743. VA. Sabin 28923.

    2 parts. Clayton's list of Virginia plants, arranged according to the Linnaean system by Gronovius.

128. Gronovius, Johann Friedrich (1686-1762). Index supellectillis lapideae. Leiden: Cornelius Haak, 1750. Not in Sabin.

    Includes specimens of American rocks and minerals. Bound with Baldassari, Osservationi, 1750.

129. Gronovius, Johann Friedrich (1686-1762). Flora Virginica exhibens Plantas, quas Nobilissimus Vir D. D. Johannes Claytonus ... observavit, collegit et obtulit D. Joh. Fred. Gronovio. Leiden: n.p., 1762. VA. Sabin 28924. Hunt 571.

    Map. Expanded, second edition of 1743 work (#127), edited by Gronovius's son Laurens Theodorus Gronovius (1730-1777), with a map and a bibliography. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

130. Gronovius, Laurens Theodorus (1730-1777). Museum ichthyologicum, sistens piscium indigenorum et quorundam exoticorum.... Leiden: Theodore Haak, 1754. Not in Sabin.

    Fascicle I only. Fascicle 2, 1756, not in APS. Includes specimens of fish sent by Alexander Garden of Charleston.

131. [Hales, Stephen] (1677-1761). The Theory and History of Earthquakes. London: J. Newbery et al., [ca. 1755]. Not in Sabin.

    Includes descriptions of the Jamaica earthquake of 1692 and the Lima earthquake of 1687. Pamphlet; bound with two accounts of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. From the library of Benjamin Franklin.

132. [Halley, Edmond] (1656-1742), ed. Miscellanea curiosa. Containing a Collection of some of the Principal Phaenomena of Nature, Accounted for by the Greatest Philosophers of this Age ... London: J. M. for R. Smith, 1708. VA. Sabin 49437 (first edition).

    3 vols., illus. Second edition, first published 1705-7. A collection of items from the Philosophical Transactions. Vol. 3, " a collection of Curious Travels, Voyages, and Natural Histories of Countries," includes John Clayton's letters from Virginia, 1688, #63 above.

133. Hartlib, Samuel (ca. 1600-1662). Samuel Hartlib, His Legacie; or an enlargment of the Discourse of Husbandry used in Brabant and Flaunders; wherein are bequeathed to the Commonwealth of England more Outlandish and Domestick Experiments and Secrets in reference to Universal Husbandry. London: R. and W. Leybourn for Richard Wodenothe, 1652. Sabin 30702 (first edition, 1651).

    Second edition, first published 1651. Hartlib's expansion of Sir Richard Weston's Discours of Husbandrie, 1650. Sabin claims Robert Child wrote this for Hartlib. Includes notes on the domestication of American plants.

134. Hartlib, Samuel (ca. 1600-1662). Samuel Hartlib His Legacy of Husbandry. Wherein are bequeathed to the Commonwealth of England, not onely Braband, and Flanders, but also many more Outlandish Experiments and Secrets (of Gabriel Plats and others) never heretofore divulged in reference to Universal Husbandry. London: J. M. for Richard Wodenothe, 1655. Not in Sabin. Hunt 264.

    Third edition, augmented, of #133. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

135. Hennepin, Louis (1640-1701?). Description de la Louisiane, nouvellement découverte au Sud'Ouest de la Nouvelle France, par ordre du roy. Avec la Carte du Pays: Les Moeurs & la Manière de vivre des Sauvages. Paris: La Veuve Sébastien Huré, 1683. LA. Sabin 31347.

    Map. First edition of the first printed account of Louisiana. Map by Guerard. Hennepin, a Jesuit, was in North America from 1678-82.

136. Hennepin, Louis (1640-1701?). Descrizione della Lvigiana, paese nuouamente scoperto nell'America Settentrionale ... Tradotta dal Francese.... Bologna: Giacomo Monti, 1686. LA. Sabin 31356.

    First translation of #135, by Casimiro Freschot. "It is a little remarkable that the first translation should have been into Italian" (Sabin). Map, wanting.

137. Hennepin, Louis (1640-1701?). A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, Extending above Four Thousand Miles, between New France and New Mexico; with a Description of the Great Lakes, Cataracts, Rivers, Plants, and Animals. Also the Manners, Customs, and Languages of several Native Indians; and the Advantage of Commerce with those different Nations. With a Continuation, Giving an Account of the Attempts of the Sieur De La Salle upon the Mines of St. Barbe, &c. .. London: M. Bentley et al., 1698. LA. Sabin 31370.

    Illus., maps. One of two issues, 1698. A translation of Nouvelle découverte..., Utrecht, 1697.

138. Hennepin, Louis (1640-1701?). Nouveau Voyage dans un pays plus grand que l'Europe, entre la Mer Glaciale et la Nouveau Mexique.

    In Bernard, ed., Recueil de voiages au nord, #25 above. Originally published Utrecht, 1698.

139. Hernández, Francisco (1514-1587). Rervm Medicarvm Novae Hidiviae Thesavrvs Sev Plantarvm Animalivm Mineralivm Mexicanorvm Historia. Rome: Vitalis Muscardi, for Barij Deversini and Zanobij Masotti, 1651. MA. Sabin 31516. Hunt 247

    Illus; a Latin abridgement of Hernández's massive manuscript by Nardo Antonio Recchi; includes additions by various authors. See Hunt for collation. First published in this edition in 1628. Hernández, a Spanish physician, was in Mexico from 1570-1577; after publication of this work, he became known as "the third Pliny."

140. Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de (1559-1625). Description des Indes Occidentales, Qu'on appelle aujourdhuy le Novveau Monde... Translatée d'Espagnol en Francois. A la quelle sont adjoustess Quelques autres Descriptions des mesmes pays, Avec La Navigation du vaillant Capitaine de Mer Jaques le Maire, & de plusieurs autres. Amsterdam: Michel Colin, 1622. MA. SA. Sabin 31543.

    Folio. Illus, maps. Translation of part of Herrera's Historia general, 1601-15. Includes Bertius' Description d'Amérique, #26 above.

141. Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de (1559-1625). Historia General de los hechos de los Castellanos en las Islas y Tierra firme del Mar Oceano. Madrid: Nicolas Rodriquez, 1726-36. MA. SA. Sabin 31546.

    Folio, illus., maps. 4 vols., first published 1601-15. Covers the period 1472-1554 in eight "decades." Includes Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentales, 1730. "The best edition" (Sabin).

142. Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de (1559-1625). Historia general de las Indias Ocidentales,ò de los Hechos de los Castellanos en las Islas y Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano en Ocho Decades. Antwerp: Juan Bautista Verdussen, 1728. MA. SA. Sabin 31545.

    Folio, illus., maps. Another edition of #141. 4 vols.

143. Heylyn, Peter (1600-1662). Cosmographie in foure bookes contayning the Chorographie & Historie of the Whole World and all the Principall Kingdomes, Provinces, Seas, and Isles thereof. London: Henry Seile, 1652. NA. SA. Sabin 31655.

    Folio, map. First edition. America: Book 4, part II, pp. 99-18 7. 4 vols in 1. Six editions to 1670 listed in Sabin.

144. [Hickeringill, Edmund] (1631-1708). Jamaica Viewed: With All the Ports, Harbours, and their several Soundings, Towns, and Settlements thereunto belonging Together, With the nature of it's Climate, fruitfulnesse of the Soile, and it's suitablenesse to English Complexions. With several other collateral Observations and Reflexions upon the Island. By E. H. London: John Williams, 1661. CH. Sabin 31693.

    Map. Second edition; first edition also 1661. Map by Col. Edward D'Oyley, commander of forces in Jamaica. Hickeringill is described as a "eccentric divine and pamphleteer" in DNB.

145. Hill, John (1716?-1775). A general Natural History; or, New and Accurate Descriptions of the Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals, of the different parts of the World, with their virtues and uses. London: Thomas Osborne, 1748-52. Not in Sabin.

    3 vols., illustrated. Hill, an apothecary, was a prolific author on a variety of topics.

146. Hill, John (1716?-1775). The British Herbal: An History of Plants and Trees, Natives of Britain, Cultivated for Use, or Raised for Beauty. London: T. Osborne, J. Shipton, et al., 1756. Not in Sabin. Hunt 557.

    Illus. Despite the title, American plants are included. Arranged according to Ray's classification; at this time, Hill was at this time anti-Linnaean, although he later changed his mind. Two copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

147. Hill, John (1716?-1775). Eden: or, A Compleat Body of Gardening. London: T. Osborne et al., 1757. Not in Sabin. Hunt 559.

    Illus. Linnaean classification. Supposedly compiled from the papers of Thomas Hale (fl. 1750). Two copies; one with hand-colored plates, from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

148. Hughes, Griffith (1708?-1750?). The Natural History of Barbados. In ten books. London: printed for the author, 1750. CH. Sabin 33582. Hunt 536.

    29 plates from drawings by Ehret. One folio copy, with colored plates, from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Also a quarto copy with uncolored plates. Hughes, a colonial parson, also published papers in the Philosophical Transactions.

149. [Huttich, Johannes] (1490-1544) and [Grynaus, Simon] (1493-1541). Novvs Orbis Regionvm ac Insvlarvm veteribvs incognitarvm vna cvm Tabvla Cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argumenti libellis, nunc nouis navigationibvs auctus, quorum omnium catalogus sequenti patebit pagina. His accessit copiosus rerum memorabilium index. .... Basel: Jo. Hervagium, 1555. Sabin 34104.

    Folio; map. A collection of accounts of expeditions to the New World, first published in 1532. Map by Sebastian Muenster.

150. Jacquin, Nicolas Joseph, baron (1727-1817). Enumeratio systematica Plantarum; quas In Insulis Caribaeis vicinaque Americes continent detexit novas, aut jam cognitas emendavit. Leiden: Theodore Haak, 1760. CH. Sabin 35520.

    Linnaean classification. Jacquin, intendant of the Royal Gardens at Schönbrunn (Vienna), traveled to the West Indies and Central America in 1754-59 to gather plants for the garden.

151. Jacquin, Nicolas Joseph, baron (1727-1817). Selectarum stirpium Americanarum Historia, in qua ad Linnaeanum systema determinatae descriptaeque sisuntur plantae illae, quas in Insulis Martinica, Jamaica, Domingo, aliisque, et in vicinae continentis parte, observavit rariores; adjectis iconibus in solo natali delineatis. Vienna: Krause [colophon: typis Josephi Kurtzbock], 1763. CH. Sabin 35521. Hunt 579.

    184 plates, folio. The plates "form a remarkable series of West Indian and tropical American species" (Hunt). From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

152. Jonston, John (1603-1675). Historiae naturalis. Amsterdam: Johannes Jacobus Fil. Schipper, 1657. Not in Sabin.

    Folio. 2 vols., 249 copper engravings by Matthew Merian. First published in parts, Frankfurt, 1649-53. A compilation from various sources.

153. Jonston, John (1603-1675). Theatrum universale omnium Animalium Piscium, Avium, Quadrupedum, Exanguium, Aquaticorum, Insectorum, et Angium. Amsterdam: R. and G. Wetstein. 1718. Not in Sabin.

    Another edition of #152, ed. Henrik Ruysch. Folio, 2 vols., 270 plates.

154. Jonston, John (1603-1675). Historiae Naturalis de Arboribus et Plantis libri X. Heilbronn: Franz Joseph Eckebrecht, 1768-69. Not in Sabin.

    Folio, illus., 2 vols. in 1. Engravings by Merian.

155. Jonston, John (1603-1675). Theatrum universale omnium animalium.... Rouen: Veuve Besongne et Jean-Jacques Besongne, 1768. Not in Sabin.

    Illustrated. 4 vols. as 2. A reprint of #152; 249 plates.

156. Joutel, Henri (1640?-1735). Journal historique du Dernier Voyage que feu M. de La Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure, & le cours de la Rivière de Missicipi, nommée à présent la Rivière de Saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane. Où l'on voit l'Histoire tragique de sa mort, & plusieurs chose curieuses du nouveau monde. Par Monsieur Jovtel, l'un des Compagnons de ce Voyage, rédigé & mis en ordre. par Monsieur De Michel. Paris: Estienne Robinot, 1713. LA. Sabin 36760.

    Map (lacking). First edition. Compiled from Joutel's notes by Jean (?) Michel. Joutel was La Salle's "intendant" from 1684-87.

157. Kalm, Per (1716-1779). Travels into North America; containing Its Natural History, and A circumstantial Account of its Plantations and Agriculture in general, with the Civil, Ecclesiatical, and Commercial State of the Country, The Manners of the Inhabitants, and several curious and Important Remarks on various Subjects. Vol. 1: Warrington: William Eyres, 1770; vols. 2-3: London: printed for the author and sold by T. Lowndes, 1771. NA. Sabin 36989. Hunt 616.

    Illus., maps. 3 vols. First published in Swedish, 1753-61; translated by John Reinhold Forster (1729-1798). Kalm , who had studied with Linnaeus, was in America from 1748-51.

158. [Kalm, Per (1716-1779)] and [Mittelburger, Gottlieb] (fl. 1768). Histoire naturelle et politique de la Pensylvanie, et de l'établissement des Quakers dans cette contrée. Traduite de L'Allemand p[ar] M. D. S. Paris: Ganeau, 1768. MC. Sabin 36991. Hunt 599.

    Map. Translated from the German by Jacques Rousselot de Surgy. Mittelburger was a schoolmaster in Pennsylvania.

159. Keith,William (1680-1749). The History of the British Plantations in America. With A Chronological Account of the most remarkable Things which happen'd to the first Adventurers in their several Discoveries of that New World. Part 1. Containing the History of Virginia; with Remarks on the Trade and Commerce of that Colony. London: S. Richardson, sold by A. Millar, J. Nourse, and J. Gray, 1738. VA. Sabin 37240.

    Maps. Includes geographical description of Virginia. Sir William Keith, bt., was colonial governor of Pennsylvania from 1717-26.

160. Kimayer, Thomas (fl. 1705). Neu-eroeffnetes Raritaeten-Kabinet/ Ost-West-Indianischer und auslaendischer Sachen.... Hamburg: Christian Liebezeit, printed by Philipp Ludwig Stromer, 1705. Sabin 37746.

    A catalogue of Kimayer's cabinet. "Quite scarce" (Sabin).

161. Klein, Jakob Theodor (1685-1759). Historiae Avium prodromus, cum praefatione de ordine Animalium in genere .... Luebeck: Jonas Schmidt, 1750. Not in Sabin.

    An anti-Linnaean work on birds. Bound with #162.

162. Klein, Jakob Theodor (1685-1759). Quadrupedum dispositio brevisque historia naturalis. Leipzig: Jonas Schmidt, 1751. Not in Sabin.

    Folding plates. Bound with #161.

163. Laet, Joannes de (1593?-1649). Novus orbis, seu Descriptionis Indiae Occidentalis Libri XVIII. Authore Ioanne de Laet Antverp. Novis Tabulis Geographicis et variis Animantium, Plantarum, Fructuumque Iconibus illustrati. Leiden: Elzevir, 1633. NA. SA. Sabin 38557.

    Illus., maps. First published in Dutch, 1625; subsequent editions enlarged.

164. Lafitau, Joseph-François (1670-1746?). Moeurs des Sauvages Amériquains, Comparées aux Moeurs des premiers temps. Paris: Saugrain l'âiné, 1724. CD. Sabin 38596.

    2 vols., 41 plates. First published 1723 without plates. Lafitau was a Jesuit missionary in Canada.

165. LaFrance, Joseph (1707-1749?). A new map of part of North America from the latitude of 40 to 68 degrees. Including the late discoveries made on the Furnace bomb ketch in 1742 and the western rivers & lakes falling into Nelson River in Hudson's Bay, as described by Joseph La France, a French Canadese Indian who traveled thro those countries and lakes for 3 years from 1739 to 1742. N.p., [ca. 1742?]. NA. Not in Sabin.

    Duplicate of map in Dobbs, Account, #87 above.

166. Lahontan, Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce, baron (1666-1715). New Voyages to North-America. Containing An Account of the several Nations of that vast Continent ... To which is added, A Dictionary of the Algonkine language, which is generally spoke in North-America. London: H. Bonwicke et al., 1703. NA. Sabin 38644.

    Illus., maps. 2 vols.; engravings by H. Moll. A translation of the French original of the same year. Lahontan was in New France from 1683-93; he claimed to have found a fictitious "rivière Longue" north of the Wisconsin River, between the Mississippi and Lake Michigan.

167. Lahontan, Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce, baron (1666-1715). Nouveaux voyages de Monsieur Le Baron de La Hontan, dans l'Amérique septentrionale.... The Hague: Frères l'Honoré, 1704. NA. Sabin 38639.

    Illus., maps. 2 vols. in 1. First published 1703; several subsequent editions.

168. Langham, William (fl. 16th-17th c.). The Garden of Health. Containing The sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of Simples and Plants. Together with the manner how they are to bee vsed and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against diuers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. London: Thomas Harper, 1633. Not in Sabin. Hunt 224.

    Second edition; first published 1597. Langham described himself as a "practitioner in physicke." From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

169. Laurence, John (ca. 1668-1732). A New System of Agriculture. Being a Compleat Body Of Husbandry and Gardening In all the Parts of them ... In Five Books. London: Tho. Woodward, 1726. NA. Not in Sabin. Hunt 466.

    Illus. Includes information on American trees from John Evelyn's Sylva, #106-8 above. Laurence was a country parson. 2 copies, both from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

170. Laval, Antoine Jean de (d. 1728). Voyage de la Louisiane, fait par ordre du Roy en l'année mil sept cent vingt: Dans lequel sont traitées diverses matières de Physique, Astronomie, Géographie & Marine. L'on y a joint les Observations sur la Refraction, faites à Marseille, avec des Reflexions sur les Observations: Divers Voyages faits pour la correction de la Carte de la Cote de Provence; Et des Reflexions sur quelques points du Sisteme de M. Newton. Paris: Jean Mariette, 1728. LA. Sabin 39276.

    Maps, tables. Laval was a Jesuit and taught at Toulon.

171. La Ville, Jean Ignace de, abbé (1699?-1774). Etat présent de la Pensilvanie, où l'on trouve le detail de ce qui s'y est passé depuis la défaite du Général Braddock, jusqu'à la prise d'Oswego, avec une carte particulière de cette colonie. [Paris?], 1756. MC. Sabin 19370 (under Delaville, Abbé).

    Map. An abridged translation of William Smith's Brief View of the conduct of Pennsylvania., 1756. La Ville added a "Description abrégée de la Pensilvanie" and "Relation contenant la suite de ce qui s'est passé en Pensilvanie."

172. Lawson, John (d. 1711). The History of Carolina; containing the Exact Description and Natural History of that Country: Together with the Present State thereof. And A Journal Of a Thousand Miles, Travel'd thro' several Nations of Indians. Giving a particular Account of ther Customs, Manners, &c. London: W. Taylor and J. Baker, 1714. SE. Sabin 39452.

    Illus., map. First published 1709 as A New Voyage to Carolina; this is a reissue of that edition with a different title page. Lawson, a surveyor in the Carolinas, was killed by Indians in 1711.

173. LeBeau, Charles (1701-1778). Avantures du Sr. C. Le Beau, Avocat en Parlement, ou Voyage Curieux et Nouveau, Parmi les Sauvages de l'Amérique Septentrionale. Dans le quel on trouvera une Description du Canada, avec une Relation très particulière des anciennes Coutumes, Moeurs & Façons de vivre des Barbares qui l'habitent et de la manière dont ils se comportent aujourd'hui... Amsterdam: Herman Uytwerf, 1738. CD. Sabin 39582.

    Illus., map. 2 vols. Le Beau's novelistic style raises doubts about the veracity of this work; Masterson argues that it is "probably fictitious, though Le Beau is known to have visited Canada."

174. L'Ecluse, Charles de (1526-1609). Rariorum Plantarum Historia. Antwerp: Plantin-Moretus, 1601. Not in Sabin. Hunt 180.

    Illus. Sachs, in his history of botany, called L'Ecluse the best botanical writer of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. As professor of botany at Leiden from 1593-1609, he was responsible for the introduction of many American plants into Europe. In this work, vol. I of his collected works, L'Ecluse introduced 100 new species. 2 copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

175. L'Ecluse, Charles de (1526-1609). Exoticorum Libri Decem: Quibus Animalium, Plantarum, Aromatum, aliorumque pregrinatorum Fructuum historiae describuntur: Item Petri Bellonii Observationes, eodem Carolo Clusio interprete. [Leiden]: Plantin-Raphelengius, 1605. Not in Sabin. Hunt 182.

    Illus., map. Vol. 2 of his collected works. Includes works by da Orta and Monardes, as well as the Observationes of Pierre Belon (1517-1564). 2 copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

176. Ligon, Richard (fl. 1657). A Trve & Exact History Of the Island of Barbadoes. Illustrated with a Map of the Island, as also the Principal Trees and Plants there, set forth in their due Proportions and Shapes, drawn out by their several and respective Scales ... London: Peter Parker and Thomas Guy, 1673. CH. Sabin 41058. Hunt 270 (first edition).

    Illus., maps. First published 1657; this is a reissue with a new title page. Description of sugar industry; also has the first account of the story of Inkle and Yarico. Bookplate of William Byrd of Westover.

177. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Musa Cliffortiana florens Hartecampi 1736 prope Harlemum. Leiden: n.p., 1736. Not in Sabin.

    Palms, including American. Linnaeus was superintendent of the botanical garden of the Anglo-Dutch merchant George Clifford at Hartecamp, near Haarlem, during his stay in Leiden from 1735-38.

178. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Hortus Cliffortianus Plantas exhibens Quas In Hortis tam Vivis quam Siccis, Hartecampi in Hollandia.... Amsterdam: n.p., 1737 [actually 1738]. Not in Sabin. Hunt 504.

    Illus. Clifford's garden, classified by Linnaeus. His first detailed catalogue, with plates drawn by Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770) and engraved by Jan Wandelaar (1690-1759). From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

179. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Genera plantarum Eorumque Characteres naturales, secundum numerum, figuram, situm & proportionem omnium Fructificationis partium. Paris: Michel-Antoine David, 1743. Not in Sabin. Cf Hunt 582.

    First published 1737; this is a reprint of the second edition of 1742. "The starting point of modern systematic botany" (Osler, in the Hunt catalogue).

180. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Materia medica, Liber 1, De plantis.... Amsterdam: J. Wetstein, 1749. Not in Sabin.

    Several American plants; arrangement includes place of origin.

181. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Species plantarum, Exhibentes plantas rite cognitas ad genera relatas... Vienna: Johann Thomas von Trattner, 1764. Not in Sabin. Cf. Hunt 548.

    2 vols., third edition. First published 1753. The first general work of plant classification, and the most important book in botanical history. The APS also has the famous fourth edition, 1797-1830. 2 copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

182. Linnaeus, Carolus (1707-1778). Mantissa plantarum. Generum editionis VI. Et specierum editionis II. Stockholm: Laurentius Salvius, 1767. Not in Sabin. Hunt 596.

    Supplement to Genera plantarum and Species plantarum.

183. Lister, Martin (1638?-1712). Historiae sive Synopsis methodicae Conchyliorum ... editio altera. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1770. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. Second edition of Lister's work on seashells, edited by William Huddleston. Includes Lister's notes for a second edition. The first edition, published 1685-92, consisted only of plates, engraved by Lister's wife and daughter.

184. Little, Otis (1712-1754?). The State of Trade in the Northern Colonies considered; with An Account of their Produce, And a Particular Description of Nova Scotia. London: G. Woodfall, 1748. CD. Sabin 41523.

    Pamphlet. Little, a Massachusetts lawyer, lobbied for Protestant, English settlement in Nova Scotia.

185. Lobel, Matthias de (1538-1616). Icones stirpivm, sev plantarvm, tam exoticarvm, qvam indigenarvm. Antwerp: Plantin-Veuve Moretus, 1591. Not in Sabin. Hunt 138 (first edition).

    Illus. 2 vols. in one. Woodcuts by Plantin. Includes Lobel's table of affinities. First published 1581.

186. Lobel, Matthias de (1538-1616) and Pena, Pierre (ca. 1535-1605) and Rondelet, Guillaume (1507-1566). Nova Stirpivm Adversaria, Perfacilis Vestigatio, Lvcvlentaque Accessio Ad Priscorum, praesertim Dioscorides, & Recentiorum, Materiam Medicam ... Additis Gvillielmi Rondelletii aliquot Remediorum formulis, numquam antehac in lucem editis. Antwerp: Christophe Plantin, 1576. Not in Sabin. Hunt 127.

    Illus. Second edition; first published 1571as Stirpium adversaria nova. The main text, which describes pants by leaf forms, was written by Lobel and his student Pena. Added to this edition was Lobel's index and Rondelet's medical formulae. "A milestone of modern botany" (DSB). From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

187. Logan, James (1674-1751). Experimenta et Meletemata de Plantarum Generatione. Experiments and Considerations on the Generation of Plants. London: C. Davis, 1747. Sabin 41795. Hunt 529.

    Pamphlet. First published in Latin, Leiden, 1739. This edition in Latin and English, translated by John Fothergill. Logan, a prominent Philadelphian, served two years as governor of Pennsylvania.

188. Lovell, Robert (ca. 1630-1690). Πανζωορυκτολογια. Sive Panzoologicomineralogia. Or a compleat history, of Animals and Minerals.... Oxford: Hen. Hall for Jos. Godwin, 1661. Not in Sabin.

    Lovell, later a physician in Coventry, published the works listed here while a student at Oxford. Among American animals he includes the "unicorne." Bound with #189.

189. Lovell, Robert (ca. 1630-1690). Πανορυκτολογια. Sive Pammineralogicon.... Oxford: W. Hall for Joseph Godwin, 1661. Not in Sabin.

    Minerals. Bound with #188.

190. Lovell, Robert (ca. 1630-1690). Πανβοτανολογια. Sive, Enchiridion Botanicum. Or, A Compleat Herball, Containing the Summe of Ancient and Moderne Authors, both Galenical and Chymical, touching Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Fruits, Flowers, &c. In an Alphabetical Order: wherein all that are not in the Physick Garden in Oxford, are noted with Asterisks.... Oxford: W. H. for Ric. Davis, 1665. Not in Sabin. Hunt 299.

    Second edition; first published 1659. Includes an early listing of the plants in the Oxford Physick Garden. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

191. Ludwig, Christian Gottlieb (1709-1773). Definitiones generum Plantarum olim in usum auditorum collectae nunc auctae et emendatae. Leipzig: Joh. Friedrich Gleditsch, 1760. Not in Sabin.

    Second, enlarged edition, edited by Georg Rudolf Boehmer. First published 1737. Ludwig was a professor of medicine at Leipzig.

192. Mather, Cotton (1663-1728). The Life and Death Of The Renown'd Mr. John Eliot, Who was the First Preacher of the Gospel to the Indians in America. With an Account of the Wonderful Success which the Gospel has had amongst the Heathen in that part of the World: And of the many strange Customes of the Pagan Indians, in New-England. London: John Dunton, 1691. NE. Sabin 46382.

    Second edition; first published in Boston, 1691. John Eliot (1604-1690) was the first to translate the Bible into Indian languages.

193. Mather, Cotton (1663-1728). The Christian Philosopher: A Collection of the Best Discoveries in Nature, with Religious Improvements. London: Eman. Matthews, 1721. Sabin 46253.

    Mather, minister, fellow of the Royal Society, and the author of some 450 works, wrote about religion and science with equal enthusiasm.

194. Merian, Maria Sibylla (1647-1717). Dissertatio de Generatione et Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium.../ Dissertation sur la Generation et les Transformations des Insectes de Surinam.... The Hague: Pieter Gosse, 1726. CH. Sabin 47960.

    Illus. Latin and French in double columns. 72 pp., 72 plates, engraved by Mulder and Sluyter. Includes the habitats of the insects, and other animals which metamorphose such as frogs. First published 1705 in Latin, reprinted 1719. The artist and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian was the daughter of the engraver Matthew Merian. She traveled to Surinam between 1698 and 1701. Both her daughters also became painters.

195. Micheli, Pier Antonio (1679-1737). Nova plantarum genera iuxta Tournefortii methodum disposita. Florence: Bernardi Paperinii, 1729. Not in Sabin. Hunt 480.

    Illus. 1900 species, 1400 new (mainly fungi). American species from Hans Sloane and James Petiver, classified by Tournefort's system. 108 plates. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

196. Miller, Joseph (fl. 1722-1748). Botanicum Officinale; Or a Compendious Herbal: Giving An Account of all such Plants as are now used in the Practice of Physick. With Their Descriptions and Virtues. London: E. Bell, J. Senex, W. Taylor, and J. Osborn, 1722. Not in Sabin. Hunt 454.

    Materia medica; Miller was a London apothecary. Ray's system of classification. Dedicated to Hans Sloane.

197. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). The Gardeners Dictionary: Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit and Flower Garden ...Interspersed with The History of the Plants.... London: printed for the author and sold by C. Rivington, 1737. Not in Sabin.

    Folio, illus. Third edition, first published 1731. Miller has been called "the most important horticultural writer of the eighteenth century" (DSB). He was the gardener at the Chelsea Botanic Garden from 1722 to 1770. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

198. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). The Gardeners Dictionary.... London: printed for the author and sold by John and James Rivington, 1752. Not in Sabin.

    Folio, illus. Sixth edition, revised. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

199. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). The Gardeners Dictionary.... London: printed for the author and sold by John Rivington et al., 1759. Not in Sabin. Hunt 563.

    Folio, illus. 2 vols., seventh edition, revised. Although this is the first edition to appear after Linnaeus' Species plantarum, Miller did not adopt his binomial nomenclature until the next edition, 1768. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

200. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). Figures Of the most Beautiful, Useful, and Uncommon Plants Described In The Gardeners Dictionary, Exhibited on Three Hundred Copper Plates, Accurately Engraven after Drawings taken from Nature, With the Characters of their Flowers and Seed-Vessels, Drawn when they were in their gteatest Perfection. To which are added, Their Descriptions, and an Account of the Classes to which they belong, according to Ray's Tournefort's, and Linnaeus's Method of Classing them. London: printed for the author and sold by John Rivington et al., 1760. Not in Sabin. Hunt 566.

    Illus., folio. 2 vols. Colored plates by Ehret and others. Described according to the classifications of Ray, Tournefort and Linnaeus. Two copies, both from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

201. Miller, Philip (1691-1771). Philipp Millers Abbildungen der nuetzlichsten, schoensten und seltensten Pflanzen, welche in seinem Gaertner-Lexicon vorkommen ... aus dem Englischen uebersezt. Nuernberg: Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt, 1768-82. Not in Sabin.

    Illus., folio. 2 vols.; colored plates. German translation of #200.

202. Miller, Philip (1691-1771), comp. Catalogus Plantarum, Tum Exoticarum tum Domesticarum, quae in Hortis haud procul a Londino Sitis in Venditionen propagantur. A Catalogue Of Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Flowers, Both Exotic and Domestic, Which are propagated for Sale, In the Gardens near London ... by a Society of Gardeners. London: Printed for the Society of Gardeners, 1730. Not in Sabin. Hunt 485.

    Illus., folio. 21 color plates; this is one of the earliest flower books with colored plates. Includes many American plants, with details of their export and cultivation. 2 copies, both from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

203. Mocquet de Meaux, Jean (fl. 17th c.). De Grote Nieuw-Bereisde Wereld: Begrypende zes Reyzen zo na Lybien, d'Eilanden van Kanarien en Barbaryen; Stroom der Amazonen, Karipouzen en Karibanen.... Den Tweeden Druk. Leeuwarden: Jan Klassen, 1717. SA. CH. Sabin 49792.

    Illus. Originally published in French, 1616. Bound with Rochefort (#243).

204. Monardes, Nicolas (1493-1588). Ioyfvll Newes Out of the New-found VVorlde. Wherein are declared, the rare and singuler vertues of diuers Herbs, Trees, Plantes, Oyles and Stones, with their applications, as well as to the vse of Phisicke, as of Chirurgery; which being well applyed, bring such present remedie for all diseases, as may seeme altogether incredible: notwithstanding by practice found out to be true. Also the portrature of the said Hearbs, verie aptly described. London: E. Allde, by the assigne of Bonham Norton, 1596. MA. SA. Sabin 49946. Hunt 173.

    Illus. Originally published in Spanish, 1569. Translated by John Frampton; this translation first published 1577, second edition 1580. This third edition is virtually a reprint of the second. Monardes, a physician and botanist of Seville, never visited the New World.

205. Montanus, Arnoldus (1625-1683). De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld: of Beschryving van America en't Zuid-Land... Amsterdam: Jacob Meurs, 1671. NA. SA. Sabin 50086.

    Folio. Illus., maps. First edition; the illustrations, particularly of Dutch New York, are especially good.

206. [Montanus, Arnoldus (1625-1683)]. History of America ... endeavouring a discovery of the unknown parts of the world, especially of Terra Australis Incognita, or the southern continent, with the history of the conquest of Peru and Mexico.... London, n.p., 1682. NA. SA. Sabin 50088 (1670 ed.).

    Illus., maps. This appears to be a translation, by John Ogilby, of #205, although it has a different title from the 1670 translation.

207. Morden, Robert (d. 1703). Geography rectified: or, A Description of the World, in all its Kingdoms, Provinces, Countries ... their ancient and present names, inhabitants, situations, Histories, customs, governments ... to which is added a compleat geographical index.... London: Robert Morden and Thomas Cockerill, 1693. Sabin 50535.

    Illus., maps. Third edition, "enlarged." Originally published 1680; second edition 1688, fourth edition 1700. Morden was a map and globe maker in London.

208. Müller, [Gerhard Friedrich] (1705-1783). Voyages from Asia to America, For Completing the Discoveries of the North West Coast of America. To which is prefixed, A Summary of the Voyages Made by the Russians on the Frozen Sea, In Search of a North East Passage ... Translated from the High Dutch of S. Müller, of the Royal Academy of Petersburgh. London: T. Jefferys, 1764. NW. WC. Sabin 51285.

    Maps. Translated by Thomas Jefferys from the third volume of Müller's Sammlung Russischer Geschichte, Petersburg, 1758, the original account of Bering's expedition. Second edition of this translation; first published 1761. 4 maps. Jefferys (d. 1771), was a publisher and map engraver, described on the title page as "Geographer to His Majesty," who translated several works about the New World. Miiller, a German historian, resided in Russia from 1725.

209. Munster, Sebastian (1489-1552). Cosmographey oder Beschreibung aller laender, herrschafften, fuernemsten stetten, geschichten, gebreuchen, hantierungen etc Erstmals bescriben durch Sebastianum Munsterum .... Basel: Heinrich Petri, 1564. NA. SA. Sabin 51390.

    Folio; illus., maps. New edition, originally published 1541. A Latin translation appeared in 1550. America: pp. 1424-33. This work, among the best of the sixteenth-century cosmographies, was immensely popular; forty-six editions in six languages appeared before 1650.

210. N. Voyages aux cotes de Guinée & en Amerique. Par Mr. N . Avec figures. Amsterdam: Etienne Roger, 1719. CH. Sabin 51677.

    Illus., maps; the plates are mainly of natural history.

211. Neal, Daniel (1678-1743). The History of New-England Containing an Impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs Of the Country to the Year of our Lord, 1700. To which is added The Present State of New-England. London: J. Clark, R. Ford, and R. Cruttenden, 1720. NE. Sabin 52140.

    2 vols., map. Ch. 1 includes description of natives; ch. 14 includes natural historical description. Neal was a dissenting minister in London. From the library of Benjamin Franklin.

212. [Oldmixon, John] (1673-1742). Gross-britannisches America, nach seiner Erfindung, Bevoelckerung und alle neuestem Zustand... Hamburg: Zacharias Hertels, 1710. NA. Sabin 57158.

    A translation by Ludwig Friedrich Vischer of The British Empire in America, 1708. Sabin suggests this may be a translation of Robert Blome's English Empire in America.

213. [Oldmixon, John] (1673-1742)]. The British empire in America, containing The History of the Discovery, Settlement, Progress and State of the British Colonies on the Continent and Islands of America. London: J. Brotherton et al., 1741. NA. Sabin 57157.

    Maps, 2 vols. Second edition, first published 1708; this edition differs somewhat in content from the first. Includes a continuation bringing the story past 1710.

214. [Ortelius, Abraham] (1527-1598). Theatrvm orbis terrarvm. Antwerp: Aegidius Coppenius [printed by Christophe Plantin], 1570. NA. SA. Sabin 57693.

    56 maps, colored. First edition; includes Additamentum, 1573, with 17 additional maps. Title page wanting. Most engravings by Frans Hoogenberg. America: folio 2. "The first and most rare edition of one of the most celebrated geographical works of the 15th [sic] century" (Sabin).

215. Osborne, Thomas (d. 1767), comp. A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Consisting of Authentic Writers in our own Tongue, which have not before been collected in English, or have only been abridged... Continued with Others of Note, that have published Histories, Voyages, Travels, Journals or Discoveries in other Nations and Languages, Relating to Any Part of the Continent of Asia, Africa, America, Europe, of the Islands thereof, from the earliest Account to the present Time. Compiled from the ... valuable Library of the late Earl of Oxford... London: Thomas Osborne, 1745. Sabin 57765.

    Folio, 2 vols., illus., maps. Both volumes dated 1745 (Sabin has vol. 2: 1747). Osborne, a major bookseller in this period, bought the library of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, in 1742.

216. Parkinson, John (1567-1650). Paradisi In Sole Paradisus Terrestris. or A Garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed up: with A Kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes, & fruites, for meate or sause vsed with vs, and An Orchard of all sorte of fruit-bearing Trees and schrubbes fit for our Land together With the right ordering planting & preseruing of them and their vses & vertues. London: Humfrey Lownes and Robert Young, 1629. Not in Sabin. Hunt 215.

    Folio, illus. 109 woodcuts, descriptions of 1,000 plants. Parkinson, apothecary and botanist to Charles I, noted in his preface that many plants had been brought from overseas since Gerard's time; he introduced several new species to England. 2 copies, both from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

217. Parkinson, John (1567-1650). Theatrum Botanicvm: The Theater Of Plants. Or, An Herball Of A Large Extent... London: Tho. Cores, 1640. Not in Sabin. Hunt 235.

    Illus. Includes nearly 4000 plants, in comparison to 2850 in Johnson's edition of Gerard. Classified in seventeen "tribes." On the allegorical title page, America is pictured riding on a sheep, holding a bow and arrow. Five copies, all from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (title pages vary slightly).

218. Parkinson, John (1567-1650). Paradisi In Sole Paradisvs Terrestris. Or, A Choise Garden.... London: R. N., sold by Richard Thrale, 1656. Not in Sabin. Hunt 267.

    Folio, illus. Second edition of #216, "corrected and enlarged." From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

219. Pechey, John (1655-1716). The Compleat Herbal of Physical Plants. Containing all such English and Foreign Herbs, Shrubs and Trees, as are used in Physick and Surgery.... London: R[ebecca] and J[ames] Bonwicke, 1707. Not in Sabin. Hunt 415.

    Second edition. Originally published 1694. Part 2: "The exotic or foreign physical plants."

220. Penn, William (1644-1718). Some proposals for a second settlement in the province of Pennsylvania. [London]: Andrew Sowle, 1690. MC. Sabin 59735.

    Broadside; describes land along the Susquehanna, site of the proposed new settlement.

221. Penn, William (1644-1718). A general description of the said province [of Pennsylvania], its soil, air, water, seasons and produce, both natural and artificial, and the good increase thereof. With an account of the natives, or aborigines. London: J. Sowle, 1726. MC. Sabin 59712 (original edition, 1683).

    In A Collection of the Works of William Penn, vol. 2, pp. 699-706. Originally published as a pamphlet, 1683.

222. Perrault, Claude (1613-1688). Memoir's For A Natural History Of Animals. Containing The Anatomical Descriptions Of Several Creatures Dissected By The Royal Academy Of Sciences At Paris. Englished by Alexander Pitfeild, Fellow of the Royal Society. To Which is added an Account of the Measure of a Degree of a great Circle of the Earth, Published by the same Academy, and Englished By Richard Waller, S.R.S. . London: Joseph Streater to be sold by T. Basset et al., 1688. Not in Sabin.

    Folio, illus. Translation of the Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire naturelle des animaux, the description of a project in comparative anatomy directed by Perrault (Paris, 1671-76). Includes many, but not all, of the illustrations from the French edition. Most of the animals described came from the menagerie of Louis XIV at Versailles, and include several American animals.

223. Perrault, Claude (1613-1688). Memoirs for a natural history of animals.... London: R. Smith, 1702. Not in Sabin.

    Reprint of #222.

224. Petiver, James (1663-1718). J. Petiveri Opera, historiam naturalem spectantia; or, Gazophylacium Naturae & Artis. London: various publishers, 1695-1713. Sabin 61288 (partial)

    Illus. Issued in eleven parts; Sabin 61288 is one of these parts. Petiver was an apothecary and well-known collector, especially of plants; Hans Sloane later purchased his collection. This copy was a gift of Sloane to John Bartram, 1744. For contents, based on the reprint of 1764-67, see the catalogue of the British Museum (Natural History), vol. 4, p. 1557.

225. [Pichon, Thomas] (1700-1781). Genuine Letters and Memoirs relating to the Natural, Civil and Commercial History Of the Islands of. Cape Breton, and Saint John, from the first Settlement there, to the taking of Louisburg by the English, in 1758. In which, among many interesting particulars, the causes and previous events of the present war are explained. By an Impartial Frenchman. London: J. Nourse, 1760. CD. Sabin 62611.

    Translation; first published in French, The Hague, 1760. From the library of Benjamin Franklin; includes a list of items in Franklin's hand on the last page.

226. Piso, Willem (1611-1678) and Marggraf, Georg (1610-1644). Historia Natvralis Brasiliae, Auspicio et Beneficio Jllvstjss. I. Mavritii Com. Nassav Jlljvs Projncjae Et Marjs Svmmj Praefectj Adornata: In qua Non tantum Plantae et Animalia, sed et Indigenarum morbi, ingenia et mores describantur et Iconibus supra quingenta illustrantur. Leiden: Franciscus Haak; Amsterdam: Ludovicus Elsevir, 1648. SA. Sabin 63028. Hunt 244.

    Folio, illus. Includes Georg Marggraf's Historiae Rerum Naturalium Brasiliae and an appendix by Joannes de Laet (see #163). Piso was physician to the Dutch settlement in Brazil from 1636-44; Marggraf was a German naturalist. Discusses many medicinal plants.

227. Piso, Willem (1611-1678) and Marggraf, Georg (1610-1644). De Indiae Utriusque Re Naturali Et Medica Ljbrj Quatvordecjm, Quorum contenta pagina sequens exhibet. Amsterdam: Ludovicus and Daniel Elsevier, 1658. SA. Sabin 63029. Hunt 280

    Folio, illus. Enlarged edition of #226. Includes De conservanda valetudine of Jacobus Bontius (1592-1631), another Dutch physician in the East Indies.

228. Plukenet, Leonard (1642-1706). Plukenetii Opera: voluminbus quatuor. London: T. Davies et al., 1769. Not in Sabin.

    4 vols. in 5; 2,740 figures. A reprint of the original edition, 1691-1705. Includes the contents of Plukenet's herbarium, which was purchased by Hans Sloane. Plukenet, a physician, was superintendent of the royal gardens at Hampton Court.

229. Plumier, Charles (1646-1704). Description Des Plantes De L'Amerique. Avec Levrs Figvres. Paris: Imprimerie Royale [colophon: par les soins de Jean Anisson], 1693. CH. Sabin 63455. Hunt 389.

    Folio, illus. First edition. Plumier, a Minimite friar and friend of Tournefort, was Royal Botanist for the French islands. He traveled to America, particularly the West Indies, three times between 1689 and 1695. 108 plates.

230. Plumier, Charles (1646-1704). Nova plantarum Americanarum genera. Paris: Jean Boudot [printer to Académie Royale des Sciences], 1703. CH. Sabin 63457. Hunt 407.

    Illus. Includes Guadeloupe, Martinique, and the coast of Brazil. 106 new genera, each named for a botanist. 40 plates.

231. Plumier, Charles (1646-1704). Plantarum Americanarum Fasciculus primus [-Fasciculus decimus] Continens Plantas, quas olim Carolus Plumerius, Botanicirum Princeps Detextit, Eruitque, Atque in Insulis Antillis ipse depinxit.... Amsterdam: widow and son of S. Schouten [facs. 6-10: Petrus Schouten]; Leiden: Gerard Potvliet and Theodor Haak, 1755-60. CH. Sabin 63459 (also as 9343). Hunt 554.

    Folio, illus. Edited by Johann Burmann (1706-1779), who bought Plumier's drawings from Herman Boerhaave. 262 plates drawn by Plumier, in 10 fascicles. See Sabin for collation.

232. [Poivre, Pierre] (1719-1786). Voyages d'un Philosophe, ou Observations sur les Moeurs & les Arts des peuples de l'Afrique, de l'Asie et de l'Amérique. London: n.p.; Lyon: sold by J. de Ville and L. Rosser, 1769. Sabin 63717.

    Illus., maps. Poivre traveled over most of the world between 1740-57. Sabin has as publisher Jean-Edme Dufour, Maestricht. Originally published in 1768.

233. Prade, J. le Royer de (fl. 17th c.). Tabacks-historia, Insonderheit vom Schnupff-Taback.... Schneeberg: Carl Wilhelm Fulden, 1747. Sabin 64875 (1677 ed.). Hunt 308 (1668 ed.).

    Pamphlet, incomplete. Originally published in French, Discours du Tabac, 1668. Another French edition, 1677, in Sabin..

234. Prévost d'Exiles, Antoine Fran(ois (1697-1763), ed. Histoire Générale des Voyages, ou Nouvelle Collection de toutes les Relations de Voyages par Mer et par Terre.... Paris: Didot, 1746-89. Sabin 65402.

    20 vols. , illus., maps. A compilation from a number of authors, including most of the early accounts of America. Index to vols. 1-15 in vol. 16.

235. Purchas, Samuel (1575?-1626). Pvrchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions observed in all Ages and Places discouered, from the Creation vnto this Present. In Fovre Parts. This First Containeth A Theologicall And Geographical Historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the Jlands Adiacent.... London: William Stansby for Henrie Fetherstone, 1614. Sabin 66679.

    Second edition, revised. First published 1613. America: Books 8 and 9, pp. 717-918.

236. Ray, John (1627-1705). Historia Plantarum Species hactenus editas aliasque insuper multas noviter inventas & descriptas complectens. ... London: vols. 1-2: Maria Clark for Henry Faithorne and John Kersey; vol. 3: for S. Smith and B. Walford, 1686-1704. Sabin 68027.

    Folio, illus., 3 vols. Ray's magnum opus. Vol. 2 includes John Banister's catalogue of Virginia plants, and "Compendium historiae plantarum mexicanarum Francisci Hernandez." In vol. 3 there is a list of plants collected by Dampier in Brazil.

237. Ray, John (1627-1705). L' histoire naturelle, éclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, l'ornithologie.... Paris: Debure père, 1767. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. A translation by François Salerne (d. 1760) of Ray's Ornithologiae, 1676, based on the researches of Francis Willughby (1635-1672).

238. Rea, John (d. 1681). Flora: seu, de Florum cultura. Or, a complete Florilege, furnished with all requisites belonging to a Florist. London: T. N. for George Marriott, 1676. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. with garden plans; tables. Second edition; first published 1665. A book on gardening, this was Rea's only work. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

239. Rea, John (d. 1681). Flora: seu, De Florum cultura.... London: G. M., sold by Peter Buck, 1702. Not in Sabin.

    Third impression, corrected. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

240. Roberts, Lewes (1596-1640). The Marchants Mapp of Commerce. Necesarie for all such as shal be imployed in the publique afaires of Princes in foraine partes. For all Gentlemen & others that trauell abroade for delight & plesure, And for all marchants or their factors that Exercise the Arte off Marchandiseing in any Parte of ye habitable World. London: R. O. for Ralph Mabb, and to be sold by Nicholas Bourne, 1638. Sabin 71906.

    Illus, maps, tables. First edition. This is the earliest English work on trade and commerce. "Of America and the provinces thereof," pp. 53-64.

241. Robson, Joseph (fl. 1733-1763). An Account of Six Years Residence in Hudson's Bay, From 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747. London: J. Payne and J. Bouquet; Edinburgh: Kincaid; Glasgow: Barry; Dublin: J. Smith, 1752. CD. Sabin 72259.

    Maps, tables. Mainly on trade, but includes descriptions of whale and seal fisheries and a journal of the winds and tides. Appendix 1: " A short history of the discovery of Hudson's Bay", which may have been written by Arthur Dobbs. Robson was an engineer and surveyor; see Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 3: 561-62.

242. [Rochefort, Charles de] (c. 1630-1691). Histoire Naturelle et Morale des Iles Antilles de l'Amérique. Rotterdam: Arnout Leers, 1658. CH. Sabin 72314

    Illus. First edition. Rochefort was pastor of the French Protestant Church at Rotterdam and had lived in the West Indies for several years. Includes a vocabulary of the native tongue by Fr. Raymond Breton. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

243. [Rochefort, Charles de] (c. 1630-1691). Natuurlijke en Zedelijke Historie der VoorEylanden van Amerika. Rotterdam: Arnout Leers, 1662. CH. Sabin 72320.

    Illus. Translation of #242 by H. Dullaart. Bound with Mocquet (#203).

244. [Rochefort, Charles de] (c. 1630-1691). The History of the Caribby-Islands, viz. Barbados, St Christophers, St Vincents, Martinco, Dominico, Barbouthos, Monserrat, Mevis, Antego, &c. in all XVIII. In Two Books. The First containing the Natural; The Second, the Moral History of those Islands ...With a Caribbian-Vocabvlary. London: J. M. for Thomas Dring and John Starkey, 1666. CH. Sabin 72322.

    Illus. Translation of #242 by John Davies.

245. [Rochefort, Charles de] (c. 1630-1691). Histoire Naturelle et Morale des Iles Antilles de l'Amérique Derniere Edition reveue et augmentée. Rotterdam: Reinier Leers, 1681. CH. EC. Sabin 72318.

    Illus. A reissue of the 1665 edition, with a supplement. Supplement: "Récit d'état présent des célèbres colonies de la Virginie, de Marie-Land, de la Caroline, du nouveau duché de York, de Pennsylvania, et de la nouvelle Angleterre." Separate title page, 43 pp.

246. Rogers, Robert (1731-1795). A Concise Account of North America: Containing A Description of the several British Colonies on that Continent, including the islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, &c. As to Their Situation, Extent, Climate, Soil, Produce, Rise, Government, Religion, Present Boundaries, and the Number of Inhabitants supposed to be in each. Also of The Interior, or Westerly Parts of the Country, upon the Rivers St. Laurence, the Mississipi, Christino, and the Great Lakes. To which is subjoined, An Account of the several Nations and Tribes of Indians residing in those Parts, as to their Customs, Manners, Government, Numbers, &c. Containg many Useful and Entertaining Facts, never before treated of. London: printed for the author, and sold by J. Millan, 1765. CD. MW. Sabin 72723.

    Rogers was a major in the French and Indian War, a governor of Michilimackinac, and a royalist during the Revolution.

247. Rogers, Robert (1731-1795). Journals of Major Robert Rogers.... London: printed for the author, and sold by J. Millan, 1765. NY. Sabin 72725.

    Part I, covering 1755-60; part 2, announced at the end of this volume, was not published. From Franklin's library.

248. Roggeveen, Arent (d. 1679). La Primera Parte Del Monte de la Turba Ardiente Alumbrando con la Claridad de su fuego Toda la India-Occidental, Empe(ando Desde el Rio Amazons. Y Fenesciendo Al Norte de Tierra Nueva. Amsterdam: Pedro [i.e. Pieter] Goos, 1680. NA. SA. Sabin 72765.

    Folio, maps. Atlas with descriptive text. First published in Dutch, 1675.

249. Salmon, William (1644-1713). Pharmacopoeia Londinensis: or, the New London Dispensatory. London: J. Dawks for R. Chiswell et al., 1707. Not in Sabin.

    Seventh edition of this well-known work. Salmon, an empiric medical practitioner and a prolific writer, traveled in America. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

250. Salmon, William (1644-1713). Botanologia. The English Herbal, or History of Plants. London: I. Dawks for H. Rhodes and J. Taylor, 1710 [-11]. Not in Sabin. Hunt 426.

    Folio, illus. Alphabetically arranged. 2 copies, both from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

251. Sanson d'Abbeville, Nicolas (1600-1667). L'Amériqve en plvsievrs cartes, & en divers traittés de Géographie, et d'Histoire. Là où sont descripts succinctement, & avec vne belle Méthode, & facile ses Empires, ses Pevples, ses Colonies, levrs Moeurs, Langves, Religions, Richesses, &c. Et ce qu'il y a de plus beau, & de plusrares dans toutes ses Parties, & dans ses Isles. Paris: chez L'autheur, 1657. NA. SA. Sabin 76708.

    15 maps. Sanson was a mapmaker and royal geographer to Louis XIV. Not the same as #252.

252. Sanson, William (1644-1713). L'Amériqve en plvsievrs cartes novvelles et exactes &c. en divers traitez de géographie et d'histoire; Là où sont descrits succinctement, et avec une belle méthode, et facile ses empires, ses monarchies, ses estats, &c.... Paris: chez L'autheur, [n.d.]. NA. SA. Sabin 76711.

    15 maps and 112 pp. of treatises. Not the same as #251.

253. Short, Thomas (1690?-1772). Medicina Britannica: Or A Treatise On Such Physical Plants, As Are Generally to be found in the Fields or Gardens in Great-Britain: Containg A particular Account of their Nature, Virtues, and Uses. Together with the Observations of the most learned Physicians, as well ancient as modern, communicated to the late ingenious Mr. Ray, and the learned Dr. Sim. Pauli. Adapted more especially to the Occasions of those, whose Condition or Situation of Life deprives them, in a great Measure, of the Helps of the learned. ...With a preface by Mr. John Bartram, Botanist of Pennsylvania, and his Notes throughout the Work, shewing the Places where many of the described Plants are to be found in these Parts of America.... Philadelphia: B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1751. NA Sabin 80573. Hunt 542.

    Third edition. See # 18 above. First edition London, 1745.

254. Sloane, Hans (1660-1753). Catalogus Plantarum quae in Insula Jamaica sponte proveniunt, vel vulgo coluntur, cum earundem Synonymis & locis natalibus; adjectis aliis quibusdam quac in Insulis Maderae, Barbados, Nieves, & Sancti Christophori nascuntur. Seu Prodromi Historiae Naturalis Jamaicae. Pars prima. London: D. Brown, 1696. CH. Sabin 82166.

    Not illustrated; Sloane's first work on the Caribbean, where he resided from 1687-89 as physician to the governor of Jamaica. He returned to London in 1689 with over 800 species of plants.

255. Sloane, Hans (1660-1753). A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers, and Jamaica, with the Natural History of the Herbs and Trees, Four-footed Beasts, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, &c. Of the last of those islands.... London: vol. 1: B[enjamin] M[otte] for the author, 1707; vol. 2: for the author, 1725. CH. Sabin 82169. Hunt 417.

    Folio, illus. 2 vols. The earliest representations of the flora and fauna of Jamaica and the neighboring islands. Engravings by Michael van der Gucht (1660-1725) and John Savage (fl. 1690-1707). Two copies, one from the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

256. Sloane, Hans (1660-1753). Histoire de la Jamanque, traduite de L'anglois.... London: Nourse, 1751. CH. Sabin 82167.

    2 vols, illus. Translation of #255 by Joseph Raulin.

257. Smith, Samuel (1720-1776). The history of the colony of Nova-Caesaria, or New-Jersey: Containing, an Account of its First Settlement, Progressive Improvements, the Original and Present Constitution, and other Events, to the Year 1721. With some Particulars since; and a Short View of its Present State. Burlington, N.J.: printed and sold by James Parker, sold also by David Hall in Philadelphia, 1765. MC. Sabin 83980.

    The author appears to be the same Samuel Smith who wrote Necessary truth. . ., 1748.

258. Smith, William (ca 1690- ?1749). A Natural History of Nevis, And the rest of the English Leeward Charibee Islands in America. With many other Observations on Nature and Art; Particularly, An Introduction to The Art of Decyphering. In Eleven Letters from the Revd. Mr. Smith, sometime Rector of St. John's at Nevis, and now Rector of St. Mary's in Bedford; to the Rev'd. Mr. Mason B.D. Woodwardian Professor and Fellow of Trinity-College in Cambridge. Cambridge: J. Bentham and sold by W. Thurlbourn et al., 1745. CH. Sabin 84563.

    Smith was the rector of St. John's, Nevis between about 1716-1721; Charles Mason was Woodwardian professor at Cambridge.

259. [Smith, William] (1727-1803). An Historical Account of the Expedition against the Ohio Indians, in the Year 1764. Under the Command of Henry Bouquet, Esq. ... Including ... some account of the Indian country ... by a Lover of His country. Philadelphia: William Bradford, 1765. MW. Sabin 84616.

    Pamphlet, illustrated, maps. Bouquet's expedition of 1763 to relieve Fort Pitt. Attributed to this William Smith in DAB. William Smith was the first provost of the University of Pennsylvania.

260. Smith, William (1728-1793). The History Of the Province of New-York, from the First Discovery to the year M. DCC. XXXII. To which is annexed, A Description of the Country, with a short Account of the Inhabitants, their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of the Courts of Justice in that Colony.... London: Thomas Wilcox, 1757. NY. Sabin 84566.

    Illus. This William Smith was chief justice of New York from 1763-67, and a loyalist in the Revolution. His correspondence with Colden on this book is in Coll. N.Y. Hist. Soc., 2nd ser., 2 (1848): 193-214.

261. Solis y Ribadeneyra, Antonio de (1610-1686). The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Diviards. London: T. Woodward, J. Hooke, and J. Peele, 1724. MA. Sabin 86487.

    Folio, illus., maps. First English translation, by Thomas Townsend. Originally published in Spanish, 1684. A very popular work, with numerous reprintings and translations. Solis was known mainly as a playwright.

262. Solis y Ribadeneyra, Antonio de (1610-1686). Histoire de la Conqueste du Mexique, ou de la Nouvelle Espagne, par Fernand Cortez. Paris: Compagnie des libraries, 1730. MA. Sabin 86478.

    Illus., maps. 2 vols. Fifth edition of the 1691 French translation. According to Sabin, quoting the catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale, this translation was done by one "S. de Broe, seignor de Citry et de la Guette." In the Dictionnaire de biographie française (vol. 7, col. 396), the entry for Bon Broë mentions his greatgrandnephews, Bon-François and Augustin, as the last two holders of these titles (both died toward the end of the eighteenth century), and surmises that one or the other is the "S. de Broë" in question.

263. Solorzano Pereira, Juan de (1575-1655). Politica Indiana, compueta por el dotor don Juan de Solorzano Pereira.... Antwerp: Henrico y Cornelio Verdussen, 1703. MA. SA. Sabin 86535.

    Folio. First published in Latin, 1605. An exhaustive account of native American customs and government. Includes bk. I, ch. 4, "De la naturaleza, excelencias, y cosas raras del Nuevo Orbe." The APS also has the 1776 Madrid edition.

264. Stith, William (1707-1755). The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia: being An Essay towards a General History of this Colony. Williamsburg: Wm. Parks, 1747. VA. Sabin 91860.

    Includes much on Indians. Uses John Smith, Beverley, and the Byrd and Randolph papers.

265. [Stork, William] (fl. 1766). A Description of East-Florida, with a Journal, kept by John Bartram of Philadelphia, Botanist to His Majesty for The Floridas; upon A Journey from St. Augustine up the River St. John's, as far as the Lakes. With Explanatory Botanical Notes. London: W. Nicoll and T. Jefferies, 1769. SE. Sabin 92222.

    Maps. Third edition, enlarged. First published 1766; second issue, containing Bartram's journal, also 1766. Dedication signed William Stork. See #19 above.

266. Stukeley, William (1687-1765). The Philosophy of Earthquakes, Natural and Religious. London: A. and C. Corbett, 1756. Not in Sabin.

    Third edition. Parts I and II first published 1750; part III written after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Presentation copy to Benjamin Franklin, 1758; from Franklin's library. Stukeley was a clergyman, physician, and polymath.

267. [Tabernaemontanus, Jacobus Theodorus] (ca. 1520-1590). Eicones plantarvm, sev stirpivm, arborvm nempe, frvcticvm, herbarvm, frvctvvm, lignorvm, radicvm, omnis generis; tam inquilinorum, quam exoticorum.... Frankfurt-am-Main: Nicolaus Bassaeus, 1590. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. In his preface the author comments on his many travels, including to America.

268. Thomson, Charles(1729-1824). An Enquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British Interest, and into the Measures taken for recovering their Friendship ... Together with the remarkable Journal of Christian Frederick Post ... With notes by the Editor explaining sundry Indian Customs, &c. Written in Pensylvania. London: J. Wilkie, 1759. MC. Sabin 95562.

    Map. Thomson, a merchant and later secretary of the Continental Congress, recorded the treaty of Easton in 1757. Post (1710-1785), a missionary, knew several Indian languages and was involved in treaty negotiations. Two copies.

269. Tonti, Henri de (1650-1704). Relation de la Louisianne; et du Mississipi. LA.

    In Bernard, et., Receuil de voiages au nord, 1720, #25 above, pp. 35-198. A reprint of Tonti's Dernières découvertes dans l'Amérique septentrionale de M. de la Sale. . . , Paris, 1697 (Sabin 96172). Tonti was La Salle's closest associate during his explorations of the Mississippi. Tonti himself declared this work to be spurious.

270. Topsell, Edward (d. 1638?). The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents ... Whereunto is now Added, The Theater of Insects ... By T. Muffet... London: E. Cores for G. Sawbridge, T. Williams, and T. Johnson, 1658. Sabin 27228 (under Gesner).

    Illus. First published 1607-8. Drawn mainly from Gesner. This edition edited by John Rowland, M.D. Includes a few American animals.

271. Ulloa, Antonio de (1716-1795) and Juan de Santacilia, Jorge (1712-1774). Relaci=n Hist=rica del Viage à la America Meridional hecho de Orden de S. Mag. Para Medir Algunos Grados De Meridiano Terrestre, y venir por ellos en conocimiento de la verdadura Figura, y Magnitud de la Tierra, con otras varis Observationes Astronomicas, y Phisicas. Madrid: Antonio Marin and Juan de Zuñiga, 1748. SA. NA. Sabin 36811 (under Juan).

    Folio, illus., maps. First edition. 2 parts in 4 vols. According to Sabin, Ulloa wrote the historical part and Juan the astronomy. Includes travels in North America. Juan and Ulloa, Spanish naval officers, were members of the French expedition to South America under La Condamine, 1736-43.

272. Ulloa, Antonio de (1716-1795) and Juan de Santacilia, Jorge (1712-1774). Voyage Historique de l'Amérique méridionale.... Amsterdam and Leipzig: Arkstee and Merkus, 1752. SA. NA. Sabin 36812.

    Translation of #271 by de Mauvillon. 2 vols.; APS has vol. 2 only.

273. [Vallette de Laudun]. Journal d'un voyage à la Louisiane, fait en l720. Par M. , Capitaine de vaisseau du roi. The Hague and Paris: Musier fils, and Fournier, 1768. LA. Sabin 98393.

    Same voyage as Laval's Voyage de la Louisiane, 1728, #170 above.

274. Vega, Garcilaso de la (1539-1616). The Royal Commentaries of Peru, in Two Parts. London: Miles Flesher for Richard Tonson, 1688. SA. Sabin 98760.

    An abridged translation, by Sir Paul Rycaut, of Primera parte de los Comentarios reales, 1609, and Historia general de Peru, 1616. Garcilaso de la Vega, "El Inca," was the son of a conquistador and an Inca princess.

275 Vega, Garcilaso de la (1539-1616). Histoire des Yncas, rois du Pirou.... Amsterdam: Jacques Desbordes, 1715. SA. Sabin 98752.

    Illus., maps. 2 vols. Translation by Jean Baudouin of Primera parte de los Comentarios reales, 1609. This translation first published in 1633.

276. Vega, Garcilaso de la (1539-1616). La Florida del Inca. Historia del adelantado Hernando de Soto ... y de otros heroicos caballeros españolas, e indios.... Madrid: Nicolas Rodriguez Franco, Oficina real, 1723. SA. Sabin 98745.

    In Andres Gonzalez Barcia, Ensayo cronol=gico para la historia general de la Florida (Sabin 3349). First published in 1605.

277. Vega, Garcilaso de la (1539-1616). Histoire de la ConquOte de la Floride: ou Relation de ce qui s'est passé dans la découverte de ce Pais par Ferdinand de Soto.... Leiden: Pieter van der Aa, 1731. SA. Sabin 98748.

    Illus., map, 2 vols. Translation of La Florida del Ynca by Pierre Richelet, originally published 1670.

278. Venegas, Miguel (fl. 1740). Noticia de la California, y de su conquista temporal, y espiritual hasta el tiempo presente. Madrid: Manuel Fernandez, 1757. MA. WC. Sabin 98848.

    Maps, 3 vols. Compiled by Andres Marcos Burriel from the manuscripts of Venegas, a Jesuit missionary. "California" refers to Baja California and the extreme southern parts of the present state.

279. Venegas, Miguel (fl. 1740). A Natural and Civil History of California: containing an accurate Description of that Country ... the Customs of the Inhabitants, Together with accounts of the several voyages and attempts made for settling California.... London: James Rivington and James Fletcher, 1759. MA. WC. Sabin 98845.

    Illis., map. 2 vols.; translation of #278.

280. Victoria, Pedro Gobeo de (1560?-1630?). Joannis Bisselii è Societate Jesu, Argonauticon Americanorum, sive Historiae periculorum Petri de Victoria, ac sociorum ejus. Libri XV. Gedani [i.e Amsterdam?, ]: Janssonius a Waesberge, 1698. MA. SA. Sabin 99444.

    Map. Originally published in Spanish, Seville, 1610. This edition, edited by Johannes Bissel, S. J., first published in Munich in 1647. Victoria was also a Jesuit. "Gedani" (Gdansk) appears to be a misprint for "Amstelodami."

281. [Vincent, Philip] (fl. 1638). A Trve Relation of The late Battell fought in New-England, between the English and the Pequet Salvages.... London: Thomas Harper for Nathaniel Butter and John Bellamie, 1638. NE. Sabin 99766.

    Second edition; first published 1637. Vincent, a clergyman, first traveled to New England in 1632.

282. Weinmann, Johann Wilhelm (1683-1741). Phytanthoza iconographia, sive Conspectus aliquot millium, tam Indigenarum quam Exoticarum.... Regensburg: Jerome Lenz, 1737. Not in Sabin. See Hunt 494.

    Vol. 1 only. 275 colored plates; this is the first successful botanical book with colored mezzotints. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

283. Wheeler, James (fl. 1763). The Botanist's and Gardener's New Dictionary. London: W. Strahan et al., 1763. Not in Sabin.

    Linnaean classification. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

284. Willughby, Francis (1635-1672). The Ornithology of Francis Willughby. London: A. C. for John Martyn, 1678. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. Edited by John Ray. An enlarged edition of Ornithologiae, 1676. 78 engravings. Cf. #237.

285. Winthrop, John (1714-1779). A Lecture on Earthquakes; read in the Chapel of Harvard-College in Cambridge, N. E., November 26th 1755. On the Occasion of the great Earthquake which shook New-England, the Week before. Boston: printed and sold by Edes and Gill, 1755. NE. Sabin 104853.

    Pamphlet. John Winthrop, scion of the famous New England family, was professor of mathematics at Harvard.

286. Winthrop, John (1714-1779). Relation of a Voyage from Boston to Newfoundland for the Observation of the Transit of Venus, June 6, 1761. Boston: printed and sold by Edes and Gill 1761. NE. CD. Sabin 104856.


287. Wood, William (1580-1639). New-England's Prospect. Being a true, lively, and experimental Description of that part of America, commonly called New-England: discovering the State of that Country, both as it stands to our new-come English Planters; and to the old Native Inhabitants. And Laying down that which may both enrich the Knowledge of the Mind-travelling Reader, or benefit the future Voyager. Boston: Thomas and John Fleet, and Green and Russell, 1764. NE. Sabin 105077.

    Third edition, originally published 1634. This is a reprint of the second edition, 1639. The earliest topographical description of the Massachusetts colony. Wood lived in New England from 1629-33.

288. Worm, Ole (1588-1654). Museum Wormianum. Seu Historia rerum rariorum.... Leiden: Johannes Elsevier, 1655. Not in Sabin.

    Illus. A catalogue of the contents of Worm's museum in Copenhagen, one of the most famous of seventeenth-century cabinets. Published by Worm's son.

289. Wynne, [John Huddlestone] (1743-1788). A General History of the British Empire in America: containing, an Historical, Political and Commercial View of the English Settlements; including all the Countries in North-America, and the West-Indies, ceded by the Peace of Paris. London: W. Richardson and L. Urquhart, 1770. NA. Sabin 105682A.

    Map, 2 vols.; second issue of the first edition, 1769.

290. Zanoni, Giacomo (1615-1682). Istoria Botanica.... Bologna: Gioseffo Longhi, 1675. Not in Sabin. Hunt 342.

    First edition, plates. Zanoni was the prefect of the Bologna botanical gardens and professor of botany at the university. From the collection of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

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