Inventory of Microfilms of Manuscript Materials

This inventory lists the complete set of microfilms in the Archives for the History of Quantum Physics (AHQP), totaling 294 reels. It includes the materials on reels 1-79 and some of the microfilms of the Bohr Scientific Correspondence and Manuscripts which are described in Sources for History of Quantum Physics: An Inventory and Report by Thomas S. Kuhn, et al. (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1967). The inventory also includes the materials filmed after the catalog was published, starting with reel 80, described in more detail here.

Users of this inventory should consult the Sources for details on the contents of reels 1-79, information on the sources of original materials, and for information on oral history interviews in the AHQP. The Sources also provides much useful information on other manuscript collections not microfilmed in AHQP.

Microfilm reels 1-79 have been listed here as they appear in the Sources on pages 105-107. Reel 79 contains the filmed catalog of the contents of the first 78 reels, in alphabetical order. Reels 80-92 are listed in numerical sequence with information on the source for the materials. The remaining 201 reels are not numbered sequentially. They are listed by collection name with information on the source for the materials. All microfilms are in 35mm format.

Some, but not all, AHQP Libraries of Deposit also hold the following optional materials: Microfilms of the Working Papers of the Project, 6 reels Tape Recordings of Oral History Interviews, 108 5-inch reels.

Joan N. Warnow
Center for History of Physics
American Institute of Physics
June 1986

AHQP Reel #:

  1. A. Einstein--P. Ehrenfest Correspondence, 1915-33
  2. M. Born Lectures on Kinetic Theory
  3. N. Bohr Göttingen Lectures, June 1922
  4. A. Landé Correspondence, I
  5. L.H. Thomas Notes on Cambridge Courses, 1922-25
  6. A. Landé Correspondence, II
  7. D. Hilbert Lectures
  8. H.A. Kramers Correspondence to 1926, I; 8a: H.A. Kramers Correspondence to 1926, II
  9. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1926-39, A-F
  10. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1926-39, G-Z
  11. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1940-52, A-D
  12. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1940-52, E-L
  13. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1940-52, M-R
  14. H.A. Kramers Correspondence, 1940-52, S-Z
  15. H.A. Kramers--H. Hoek Manuscripts
  16. R. Kronig Correspondence, 1924-30
  17. A. Rubinowicz Correspondence
  18. P. Jordan Correspondence, 1923-30
  19. W. Gerlach Correspondence, 1916-37
  20. Register Volume for Munchener physikalisches Mittwochscolloquium, December 1908 to May 1939
  21. A. Sommerfeld Lectures and Seminars, I
  22. A. Sommerfeld Lectures and Seminars, II
  23. A. Sommerfeld Unpublished Manuscripts and Miscellaneous Papers
  24. P. Debye Lectures on Quantum Theory
  25. H.A. Kramers Notebooks, I
  26. H.A. Kramers Notebooks, II
  27. H.A. Kramers Notes and Memoranda, 1916-25
  28. H.A. Kramers Notes and Drafts, 1926-52
  29. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, A-B
  30. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, C-F
  31. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, G-K
  32. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, L-O
  33. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, P-Schm
  34. A. Sommerfeld Correspondence, Scho-Z
  35. Copenhagen Registers and Minute Books
  36. C.G. Darwin Papers and P.A.M. Dirac Papers
  37. E. Schrödinger Correspondence, post 1930
  38. Cambridge Minute Books
  39. E. Schrödinger Papers, to ca. 1920
  40. E. Schrödinger Papers, ca. 1924 to mid 1926
  41. E. Schrödinger Papers and Letters, mid 1926 to ca. 1928
  42. E. Schrödinger Scientific Papers, post 1928
  43. E. Schrödinger Scientific and Personal Papers, post 1927
  44. E. Schrödinger Popular writings
  45. W. Heisenberg Correspondence and Manuscripts
  46. E. Schrödinger Papers at Dublin Institute
  47. 0. Klein Papers
  48. Catalog of the Bohr Scientific Correspondence
  49. J.H. Van Vleck Correspondence and Notes
  50. E.C. Kemble--R.T. Birge Correspondence, 1923-32
  51. E.C. Kemble Correspondence, 1921-30, A-L
  52. E.C. Kemble Correspondence, 1921-30, M-Z
  53. E.C. Kemble Correspondence, 1931-37, A-J
  54. E.C. Kemble Correspondence, 1931-37, K-Z
  55. E.C. Kemble Manuscripts
  56. E.C. Kemble Lectures, 1919-25
  57. E.C. Kemble Lectures, 1927-30
  58. Miscellaneous Catalogs of Institutions and Collections
  59. Correspondence of D.M. Dennison, P.A.M. Dirac, The Spectroscopic Notation Committee, and C. Møller
  60. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1921-26
  61. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1927
  62. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1928
  63. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1929
  64. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1930
  65. S. Goudsmit Correspondence, 1931-33
  66. Miscellaneous Documents Not Otherwise Microfilmed
  67. P. Langevin Lectures, I
  68. P. Langevin Lectures, II
  69. E. Fermi Notebooks, I
  70. E. Fermi Notebooks, II
  71. E. Fermi Notebooks, III
  72. E. Fermi Notebooks, IV
  73. L. Pauling Manuscripts, I
  74. L. Pauling Manuscripts, II
  75. P. Ehrenfest Correspondence and Lectures
  76. L. Pauling Manuscripts, III
  77. P.A.M. Dirac Thesis
  78. E. Rutherford, G. Hevesy, J.J. Thomson Lectures
  79. Catalog of Microfilm in the Archives for the History of Quantum Physics, in alphabetical order

  1. Pauli, Wolfgang. Letters from Werner Heisenberg, 1928-50. (Source: Pauli Collection, Zurich.)
  2. Stark, Johannes. Correspondence; irregular arrangement, 1904-1927 (Bulk dates 1904-1916). (Source: Deutsches Museum, Munich.)
  3. Pauli, Wolfgang. Correspondence and Manuscripts, 1954-58; including many letters from Heisenberg and papers coauthored with him as well as correspondence with others. (Source: Pauli Collection, Zurich.)
  4. Sommerfeld, Arnold. Letters to Sommerfeld on various topics; arranged by subject (index provided on reel); irregular dating, 1906-1932. 1 reel. (Source: Deutsches Museum, Munich.) (NOTE: This reel is listed as "83-84".)
  1. Broglie, Louis, prince de. Notes on Langevin Seminars, 1919-27. (Source: L. de Broglie, Paris.)
  2. Einstein, Albert. Letters from H.A. Lorentz, 43 items, 1911-1927, and Correspondence with Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes, 13 items, 1901-1926. (Source: Rijksmuseum voor de Geschiedenis der Naturwetenschappen, Leiden.)
  3. Selected Letters to Ritz, Runge, Rydberg and Voigt and Selected Letters from Runge. (Source: Deutsches Museum, Munich.)
  4. Inventory of Reels 1-72, in numerical order. (Source: Sources for History of Quantum Physics Project.)
  5. Biographies and Bibliographies: Allison to Kramers. (Source: Sources for History of Quantum Physics Project.)
  6. Biographies and Bibliographies: Kronig to Zwicky. (Source: Sources for History of Quantum Physics Project.)
  7. Various Universities: 1) Students 2) Faculty and Courses (Source: Sources for History of Quantum Physics Project.)
  8. Schrödinger, Erwin. Selected Correspondence and Papers: various correspondence, notes, lectures, articles, clippings. Detailed contents on reel. 1908-1960 (Bulk dates, 1933-1955). (Source: Materials selected by Linda Wessels from originals at Alpbach in the possession of Ruth Braunizer (daughter of E. Schrödinger)).